What is Ogmoney.club? Is Ogmoney Scam or legit?

What is Ogmoney.club? Is Ogmoney Scam or legit?

If you are here because you want to know that what is Ogmoney.club then this is right page for your search. In this Ogmoney Review we are going to discuss those entire questions which are disturbing your mind about Ogmoney, Such as, Is Ogmoney Scam? Or Is Ogmoney Legit? Or Is Ogmoney Real? Or Is Ogmoney Fake? Some people want to make money online but they have no idea that where they can make real online money. Then they searched on the internet and found the website like Ogmoney, according to Ogmoney you can earn online money in very easy ways as watching advertisements on their site, but in reality it is not easy. Ogmoney claims that, watch few seconds’ advertisements on their site and you will get money. After a deep searched of Ogmoney we have wrote a full review on Ogmoney which is described below in our article. If you are not interested to read our full Ogmoney review but still you want to know in the short answer that Is Ogmoney good site or not? So it is our advice to you that don’t work on this site because this is a Scam website and it will never pay to their members. We have already added Ogmoney in our “Avoid Scam” list which is created in our website.  This is not only about Ogmoney, in our list there are many website are placed which are using similar theme and having similar working process like Ogmoney. We are providing few name of those website which are working similar as Ogmoney, Those are Umamoney, Obimoney, Azmoney, ETUmoney, Ammoney, Orumoney,  and so on.

If you are here its mean you are interested to work online and want to make money online, then for those people who want to make money online but always fall into the trap of Scam sites, in our website we made a list of Trusted and Legit site, which are working genuinely for long time and paying their members. By the help of these sites you can earn real online income. If you want to visit our List of those sites then click the below link; https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Ogmoney.club Is Ogmoney Scam or Legit Is Ogmoney Real or Fake Ogmoney Review, Ogmoney

What is Ogmoney? And How does Ogmoney works?

As above in our Article we already described that Ogmoney is a Scam website, but now we are describing that why we are telling to Scam this website and also explaining working process of this website.

According to Ogmoney claims you can earn money on their website by clicking some advertisement which will display on your dashboard once you will register with them. This advertisement will take few seconds and if you will complete this task then you can see your money is increasing on your account. They are offering 10 cents ($0.1) viewing per advertisement which is not a low amount to paid, if one members gets 10 Ads at a time then according to Ogmoney claims they will paid that member 1 dollar. It means if they have thousands of members on their site which are working with them then they need to pay them a huge amount of money. Ogmoney have no others sources of earning money then they are not able to pay this amount so they are making false claims on their site, they will never pay their members. Therefore we declared to this site as a scam site.

Ogmoney is also offering a referral program on their website where members can earn money by making referral on their site. Giving this lucrative offers company wants to make a huge traffic on their site where they wants to generate revenue for themselves, this type of referral program is provided by many marketing sites for to gain the traffic. Ogmoney is not selling any real product and service on their website, its mean Ogmoney has no solid plan to earn money online where they can share their profit with the members.

The owner of the Ogmoney is using a service to hide their identity, they have hidden their information and identity in WHOIS records and also not provided any information of the owner and their partner on the website, this makes more suspicious to this site because mostly scam sites hide their identity for their members to do a big scam. If this company is genuine then why is it hiding their information?  This is the only simple mean that the company does not want to pay their members and lastly they will run away after some time.

Ogmoney sells personal and financial information of its members to the third parties, it may be members Contact details, E- mails and bank details. They want to use the people information for making their own money.  It is our advice to you that don’t share your personal information with anyone because it can be misused. Then don’t fall into the trap of this site they will run away as soon as possible.


It is our advice to our readers that please stay away from Ogmoney because this is a scam site. The reason behind declaring to scam of this website we already described in our article. This is not a good site and it is not going to pay their members. Now it’s your turn to share this information with your friends and family members to aware them tot don’t work such scam sites. With the help of you there are many people can avoid these types of scam sites and can save them into falling this trap.

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If you have any question related Ogmoney on your mind then please share in our comment box. we will happy to help you.