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Hello everyone, from different sources we came to know about an app name Onead. Like us must also be curious to know about this site. Earning passively always lure people and it is not a bad idea. It is good and extra money always needed. In the midst of all such sites claiming to provide you passive income many of them turned into a scam site. In this Onead review, we will be looking to answer some of the most asked questions likes, is Onead Scam? Or is Onead Legit? Or is Onead Fake? Or is Onead Real?

These are imperative questions to understand the working of the company or nay site. Never play blindly or put your money, time and resources on some claims. Many people we know do not want to read the whole article and they want just the crux. For those people, we do Not Recommend Onead site. It looks good and we believe it is paying to its members also but we have seen both positive and negative arguments. To get the detail reasons please read the whole article.

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What is OneAd Is OneAd Scam or Legit Is OneAd Real or Fake OneAd Review, OneAd

What is Onead? Onead Review

It is basically an app that works screen lock and provides its member with different offers and deals. According to their own claim, they are the only and exclusive application which never lets you skip any offer or deal. They always extract New Deals and Exclusive Offers for its members.

They provide unique and exclusive offers that not available easily to everyone. This application will keep you update with Latest Product Launch, Unique Fashion Style, Gauges, Travel offers etc.

This app is so good for people to need, it provides you instant offers which you might be looking while traveling and their need is urgent. This site is basically good for those people whose shopping is based on Discount and if you are one of them then this application is for you. This application provides real-time offers, discount coupons, and other cool stuff.
Features Oneadprovide to its users:

  1. Real-time news and event on the go.
  2. Online offers going on at this time
  3. Offers around you
  4. Exclusive deals for selected users.

How can one earn with this app?

It is very simple, the process is the referral. Referrals are used by almost every company, site or app to get users or traffic. It helps their business to grow and also generate revenue for them. They usually pay its members from the revenue they generate through referring the people. It is not a small business. With the advent of the internet referring business also flourished with time. But many scammers are also using this strategy to scam people.

Onead is not selling any service or product. You are not making any transaction with this app. So it is sure that you are not generating even a penny for this site and just bringing new people. Referring business does not work like that. Application available in the market gives their people commission when they have some sale or when they do some money transaction from their app or they give them some offer for referring their application.

Onead is not doing anything which genuine apps do. They are not taking any money from their members and claim that one can earn 2.5 lakh rupees from this app and that is also in a month.

Cons of Onead

  1. No owner information: we tried to find out who owns this brilliant app that helping everyone to earn a passive income. We did not find anyone, so we cannot thank this generous person. He is a great philanthropist or a great scammer. Every genuine site, company, application provide their creator information. It gives an assurance. Owner information is essential especially for those apps that involve money. In WHOIS records also, there is no name is available of the owner.
  2. Bogus claims: one cannot earn passive 2.5 lakh by just using their app and referring. If it is possible then this app employee will become a millionaire in one year. We believe this is not happening in reality.
  3. Negative feedback: we have seen many people complaints about this app. Most people who are one month old are complaining about this app. Those who join newly are promoting the same message that is provided to them by the company and they did not even know it.

You might be wondering how these people earn money when they are not taking a penny from you. Actually, such sites use people information (that they provide while filling the form of registration) to sell it to the third party. They earn a huge revenue this way. They use people financial information to attack their account. Since they are not ethical people they use people information as per their consent. Don’t you find it suspicious that on one hand they want your every information but on the other hand they are not providing you their own information?


We do Not Recommend Onead due to various reasons that we have provided above. Keep a distance from this app. Do not get trap into their sweet claims. Aware people in your social circle about such app and their modus operandi. Be safe and wise take your decision with full consciousness.

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If you have any doubt regarding Onead App please share it with us. It will be our pleasure to help you out. 

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