Opinioncity.com Review- Is Opinion city a legit survey site? 

Opinioncity Review- Is Opinion city a legit survey site?

Opinioncity.com is a fairly popular website that gets on average between 1 million and 600 thousand visits per month on their website. The website focuses on providing its users with part-time paid survey job opportunities and it also reviews market research companies that offer paid surveys. Opinioncity in itself does not offer paid surveys instead it redirects users to other websites that do offer them. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Opinioncity.com is worth your time in our Opinioncity.com review.

Is Opinion City legit Or is it a Scam


– Opinion city is a very popular website that is used by tens of thousands of people every month so it can’t be too bad.
– Some customers have reported getting okay payments of a few dollars for completing some surveys which prove that the site does actually offer legit opportunities.
– The website is very professionally made and is very advanced which makes it seem more genuine
– The Facebook page of Opinioncity also has over 27,000 followers, with so many users using their Facebook page they must be doing something right and benefiting at least a few people.
– The website may lead people to low paying surveys however people are still getting paid something.


– There are many review websites online that have a very poor rating of Opinioncity, and by a poor rating I am talking about 1 start out of 5 is the average score given to Opinioncity.
– Opinioncity has been caught in the past buying fake likes for its Facebook page, which definitely raises red flags and makes the company look less trustworthy.
– Opinioncity uses stock photos of people rather than using genuine photos of real customers which is also very strange as it makes you wonder if all the happy testimonials on their website are even real.
– Their website promises that you will be able to earn $500 a week from doing surveys on their website, however, that is simply not possible due to the amount of time it takes to complete one survey (15 mins to 30 mins on average) and the fact that they pay you like $2 for completing one survey it is simply not possible.
– The owners of Opinioncity are unknown which again raises red flags, why would they be hiding their identities if the website was totally legit?
– Not all but some of the so-called ‘job offers’ on Opinioncity are not all surveys but instead, are affiliate links that prompt users to sign up to expensive courses and even sign up for credit cards. These affiliate links request users to enter their bank details and then they charge people a vast amount of money.
– Opinioncity is also another website that promotes the ‘Work from home’ culture which promises people that they can earn tons of money from just working online. These sort of websites are notorious for being scams on the internet.
– The site may earn you a bit of money but it is not worth your time, you are better off getting a part-time job or a full-time job where you will make a lot more money for the same amount of time you will spend. For example on Opinioncity you may spend 5 hours doing surveys and only make $7.50 but if you work at a part-time job and spend 5 hours working you can make $50. So it is not a good use of your time.
– A lot of the links on the websites don’t work which makes the website and its owners look very unprofessional.
– Another bad point about Opinioncity is that it promises that it will be people up to $50 or even $75 to complete one survey, however in most cases people on the site actually get paid in the region of $1 for completing a survey.
– Not all surveys pay you money for completing them, some offer you gift cards while others offer you a chance to win a big prize so essentially you are completing those surveys for free unless you are lucky and win the big prize.
– The website has very few offers to paid surveys available and also not a lot of reviews of paid survey sites which makes the website look dodgy as there are so many market research firms that can be reviewed so there is no excuse for there just to be nine reviews on the whole site.
– A lot of the offers on this site are not in the best interest of the user instead they are in the best interest of Opinioncity as they are being paid a commission for every person that joins the sites they are promoting that ask you to enter your bank details for them to then charge you for whatever they like.


To conclude, Opinioncity may be a site that pays out a few dollars to complete some surveys so in that regard it is somewhat legit. However, the site prays on the vulnerable, the gullible and the ones desperate for money by promising them that they will make $500 a week from doing surveys and that they will be paid in the region of $75 to $50 per survey or be put in a draw to win $1500. Such promises are not fulfilled by Opinioncity and in that regard, it is a scam as they are on purposely lying to people and manipulating them by giving them false hope.

Other issues with the website Opinioncity are the way that they offer incentives for people to sign up with their credit card details to expensive courses and credit card companies, for example, that will charge them extortionate amounts of money. It is probably also not a coincidence the way there is no public information about the founder of the company behind the website if they were an honest business that did nothing illegal why would they be trying to hide their identity. At the end of the day, it is up to the individual to decide if they should get involved with websites like these, they may pay you a few dollars for a survey but you are better off just getting a part-time job if you want some extra money.