What is OpinionOutpost? Is Opinion Outpost Scam?

If you are looking to know about the company OpinionOutpost.com then you are reading the right article. In this Opinion Outpost review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like is Opinion Outpost Scam? Or is Opinion Outpost Legit? Or is Opinion Outpost Fake? Or is Opinion Outpost Real? Before starting our Opinion Outpost review we want to make you clear that this site is not recommended by us. We are neither promoting it nor recommending it. If you do not want to read the full article then we are going to provide you the brief of this article. This company is not recommended by us. It does not mean that company is a scam. It is pretty much legit and real company.  The reasons why we are placing this site in our Not Recommended section and not even in our “Promising section“, we are going to discuss that below in this article.

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What is Opinionoutpost.com Is Opinionoutpost Scam or Legit Is Opinionoutpost Real or Fake Opinionoutpost Review, Opinionoutpost

What is Opinion Outpost about?

It is a survey company which pays its members regularly. Since it is paying regularly it is not a scam site. It is legitimate survey company. It will pay you once you complete the survey work that is given to you. The money only depends on your work the more survey you complete the more will be your earning. But completing the survey you have to first qualify for it which can be done in different ways. You can earn in cash or in reward points depends upon your number of qualified survey work and also depends upon the payout on each survey.

As we have already mentioned in the above paragraphs that company is legitimate. But every legitimate company is also not good at earning. This company has its own limitation of work. Some limitations are so annoying that you will wish to quit this job. The limitations are like you will not be able to know that you are qualified for any particular survey or not. They use your time for almost 20 minutes or more and then they message back you that you are not able to this particular survey, please try other surveys available on their site. They sometimes stop your survey in middle and did not provide you any reason for not qualification. They just stop the survey that’s all. It seems like you have spent your time and efforts for nothing. It is so because you are not getting paid for such surveys for which either you are not qualified or survey stopped in the middle. There are some surveys present on the site which try to scam people. It is because such surveys are conducted by the third party and the guarantee of the legitimacy of such surveys is not the responsibility of the Opinion Outpost. Opinion Outpost does not list those surveys on its site. They were listed by some advertisers or other people.

If Opinion Outpost finds out about the surveys that are scamming people they are going to ban them. But most of the time the company succeed in scamming people before getting banned. For example, there will be some surveys you also have encounter in your life, that ask for your details personal as well as financial and offer you a grand prize. All those surveys are a scam. They use people information for their own benefits and sometimes sell the people information. They debit some amount from the member’s credit cards without their knowledge. Such kind of activity happens a lot over the internet. If you are working on the Opinion Outpost then we highly suggest you to not to provide your information to them (any kind of information). If you encounter such kind of surveys them please leave them in the beginning and do not work on those surveys. IF somebody by mistake has provided their information then immediately contact your bank or credit card company to block your card. It does not mean that all surveys are a scam but most of them and there is no intelligence to risking your own financial information for some amount of money.

The other limitation is that of pre-qualification survey. You have to qualify for each and every survey. Every time you encounter a survey you have to qualify for it. The process is long and every time repeating the same process makes your work monotonous and you lost your enthusiasm. The high chances of not qualifying the surveys are high. Sometimes after spending more than 20 minutes, you came to know that you are not qualified for the current surveys. This is very much irritating.

Such characteristics are not only of the Opinion Outpost but many other alike companies. All of their work is similar and that is why their earning is not much and people are not able to earn much from the surveys sites. Low earning is the very big and major reason why we are not recommending this site. It is because there are many companies working on the internet that allow you to earn good money on their site without getting frustrated.


We do Not Recommended the Opinion Outpost site. It does not mean that you cannot work on this site. It is up to discretion to work on this site or not. This site is working from legibly but there are some points which we cannot neglect. We have discussed all the point in our article. There are many good sites available in our “Promising Section” as well as “Trusted and Legit” Work.

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If you have any doubt regarding Opinion Outpost, please bring it in our view, we will help you with all our experience and work. You can write it in our comment section below.