What is Optimalbux? Is Optimalbux Scam or Legit?

What is Optimalbux? Is Optimalbux Scam or Legit?

You must be trying to earn money online. Your keenness took you to Optimalbux.  You must be wondering, what is Optimalbux? First, we want to congratulate you. You are utilizing your precious time to understand the working of Optimalbux. In this Optimalbux review, we will answer some generally asked questions like, whether Optimalbux is Scam or Legit. Whether Optimalbux is real or fake? Earning easily on the internet is an illusion. This illusion is created by scam websites. It is not possible to earn good money without working hard. The Optimalbux is a PTC website. The PTC websites show the advertisement to its members. The PTC websites pay to its members for viewing the ads. There are much more ways available on the website by which one can earn. If you are not interested in reading the full article, then ‘we do “Not Recommend” Optimalbux website’. To declare any PTC website a scam we need very solid proof. But there are many discrepancies we have found in the working of the Optimalbux website.

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What is Optimalbux Is Optimalbux Scam or Legit Is Optimalbux Real or Fake Optimalbux Review Optimalbux

How does Optimalbux works?

A PTC website has different offers for its members. You can earn money by viewing ads, play optimal grid and etc. Every day the website will show 30+ ads. You will earn money by viewing ads for 5-10seconds. You confirm it by clicking on the Captcha after the completion of a bar (a time tracker). See, it is very easy. But the money you earn per ads will be $0.0002 to $0.001. It means to earn even one dollar you have to view numerous ads. It is not the good way to earn money because it takes much time. In the optimal grid, you have to click any grid. You win the offer behind the gird. But it does not help you to earn good money. The website also offers referrals. The Optimalbux PTC website provides two kinds of referral. The first one is a direct referral and the second one is a rented referral. Referrals are the way by which you can earn good money. Referrals are also used by websites to increase their traffic. Members are the promoters of the referral link. Therefore, a company pays commission to its members.

The difference between rented and direct referral is that direct referrals are made by you via promoting company unique referral link. Rented referrals are the one that you buy from the website. The company generally told that rented referrals are the people who came directly on their website i.e. without using any referral link. The company offers those referrals to you. In reality, the rented referrals are the bots. Bots are administered by the company. It is not an ethical way of working. It is because whenever company will face any kind of loss. They will reduce the per click rate of rented referrals. You will lose your money. The rented referrals are in the command of admin. It is one of the major reasons, why we are not recommending this website.

The owner information is not available on the website. The information brings trust in any company. Information is also imperative because money is involved on this website. It is very hard to believe that a person, who is not able to share its information, will share its revenue with people. We tried to find out about the owner. We check the WHOIS records also. In the WHOIS records, they have guarded their information. The people operating this website do not want to reveal their identity. Genuine websites always provide information. Hiding the information is the feature of scam websites.


We do “Not Recommend” Optimalbux website due to various reasons stated above. There is very high possibility that company is paying to its members and that is why we did not declare it a scam website. To declare any PTC website a scam, we have to wait for at least one to two years. Our concern is very simple. We do not want anybody to be cheated by scammers. There are many websites available on the internet that helps you to earn money in a genuine way. The time you spent on this website can be utilized on another legitimate website. We advise you to avoid Optimalbux.

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If you have any doubt about Optimalbux then please feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.