What is Optimu-s.com? Is Optimu-s Scam or Legit?

What is Optimu-s.com? Is Optimu-s Scam or Legit?

May you be looking for Optimu-s.com website? You have arrived at the right page. In this Optimu-s review, we will answer all your queries regarding this website. There are some general questions raised by the people like, is Optimu-s Scam? Or is Optimu-s Legit? Or is Optimu-s Fake? Or is Optimu-s Real? These questions might be troubling you also. Do not worry we will deal with all of them. The purpose of your curiosity maybe you want to make some investment. There are various websites available on the internet that offers a platform to invest your money. The Optimu-s is one of the websites that we mentioned in a previous line. If you are not interested to read the full article, we can abridge it for you. We do “Not Recommend” Optimu-s Company. It is working under the illegal scheme known as Ponzi scheme. Under this scheme, the company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. It is not a genuine or good way of working. At the end, the company accumulates huge debt from the people and then they will run away with people money.

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What is Optimu-s.com Is Optimu-s Scam or Legit Is Optimu-s Real or Fake Optimu-s Review, Optimu-s

How does Optimu-s work?

Optimu-s is a website that provides you a platform to invest your money online and earn interest on it. The company got a lucrative investment plan for its members. The company is offering 7% daily interest for 2 days which is very high. Major Banks and the govt. own central banks pay same interest for one year. As you can now understand that the interest rate offered by Optimu-s is impossible and unrealistic. It makes the company more unsustainable. It does not get itself a longevity plan. It means as an Investment Company it does not have any future. It will be futile to invest on a company that does not have any sustainability and longevity.

The company also offers a referral program. Referrals are used to increase the traffic to the websites and its members. The Optimu-s is also having an affiliate program for its members. They are offering 6%-2%-1%-1% on their 4 level affiliate program which makes it an illegal Hybrid Pyramid Scheme. The company is claiming to pay high commission without selling a real product or services. It means the company is going to pay its members from the new investments. Therefore, the referral program makes this company non-reliable from the investment point of view.

The company does not share its information on their website. The owner information is not declared. They did not even mention about the professionals working in this company. The company is not good in the matter of transparency and that is why it does not have any credibility to work as an Investment Company. The company also hides its information in WHOIS records. This makes us completely blank and without the information about the people that are working in this company. To hide or guard the information in the records is the leverage always used by the scam websites.

The company has provided a registration certificate of UK Companies House. It shows that the company is registered under the company name: OPTIMUS A&L LIMITED and the company number: 561657. This certificate is working as a proof of the company legitimacy. The fun fact is that many websites that are already declared not recommended by us were also had this certificate. Some websites listed in our Not Recommended list also turned into a scam website. Therefore, the legitimacy of this certificate does not have any solid backing. The certificate is available for the only 20GBP. That is why many websites operating in a similar manner to Optimu-s are holding UK Companies House certificate.


Optimu-s is Not Recommend by us. It is working on illegal schemes that are discussed above. The company does not get any solid backing of being a legit company. We advise you to avoid this website. It is not good. But all the above arguments are just an opinion. The questions asked above are imperative in our view. If you are still wants to invest your money on this website is your call. We are not stopping anyone to invest.

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If you have any problem regarding Optimu-s website, feel free to share it with us. We will help you out.