What is Osmium.center? Is Osmium Scam or Legit?

What is Osmium.center? Is Osmium Scam or Legit?

Are you also looking for Osmium.center? We were also searching for it earlier same as you. We had some questions in our mind and we are sure that you are also having those questions like, is Osmium Scam? Or is Osmium Legit? Or is Osmium Real? Or is Osmium Fake? In this Osmium Review we are going to deal with not only stated question but working of this website. Investment should be done by people wisely. It helps them to earn alternative earning. Investment market is a very volatile market and its investment plans are always subject to market risk. But there are various website claiming to provide sure-2 profit which is very hard to digest. If you do not want to read further and need the crux of this review then ‘Osmium is Not Recommended by us due to its working based on Ponzi scheme’. The ponzi scheme is the one under which companies pay to its existing members from the investment done by new members. It is illegal and unsustainable business plan.

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What is Osmium.center Is Osmium Scam or Legit Is Osmium Real or Fake Osmium Review Osmium

How does Osmium works?

The company is claiming to be an international company which is a centre of highly profitable investment platform. They work as an intermediate between their profit and the participants in their project. They are claiming to have main profit on their trade in precious metals and isotopes. There are much more explanation provided by the company about their working. They are now wants people to invest on their plans. They are offering to provide 15% interest daily for 10 business days. They are not different than other websites that are also providing daily interests for some days or forever. It is because their business model is unsustainable. If company pays as they are offering, then company will soon going to collapse in near future. What happens in HYIP sites like this is that they pay initially but in future as they got sufficiently good money then they run away with people money. It is no use of investing money in this website.

They are accepting both in dollars and bitcoins. The company also offers 2 levels referral programs. They are offering 5% on first level and 3% on second level commission to members. Believe us this commission rate is very good. Referrals are the most common way to increase website traffic. Many genuine websites also use this strategy. The difference between genuine website and Osmium website is that genuine website pay very low commission. Genuine website sustains for long and also pays its members continuously. The Osmium company investment plans are already very unstable and their affiliate program makes their company non reliable also.

The company does not provide any information of owner or personal working in this company. They also hide their information in WHOIS records. Why we suddenly started talking about information of owner? It is because if we do not know whom we are trusting with our hard earned money then how will you be able to trust it. Trust is very important for any business entity working in public domain. Trust is build by transparency and transparency is proof by providing enough information. The company does not provide any kind of information. The transparency rate in this website is zero and therefore trust on this website is in negative. They are not a credible website where one should invest their money. See you are going to invest your hard earned money you must ask as much as question with the website before investing. Do not just believe on their lucrative investment plans because they work as a trap for investors.

The company provided UK companies certificate on their website as their proof to be registered company. The company is registered under the company name OSMIUM LIMITED and under the company number: 11073849. The company provided original certificate but what concerned us is that various website listed in our Not Recommended list which turned into scam later on also got registration certificate from UK Companies. To get registration in UK Companies one has to pay only 20GBP. So their proof to be a registered company is not solid in which one should invest their hard earned money.


Osmium is Not Recommended by us, due to various reasons stated in above paragraphs. We advise our readers that do not fall on company’s lucrative offers. Do not run behind earning money immediately because company offering such offers are later on turned into ponzi scheme and that is also why we do not recommended Osmium company.

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If you have still any doubt about Osmium, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.