Wish to earn passive income? Packity app Review

With the passing time the ways of earning money is changing rapidly. People have become more eager to fetch some extra in their pocket. On the same hand internet has become a place for hiding scam these days. Hence it is utterly important to be picky in the era of globalization and invention.

Recently we came across an application namely Packity which claims to be the most worthy application which pays high income potential.

The question rises whether all these claims and promises held by the company are true or false just like other applications. In this article we will uncover all the prospects with focus and reveal whether Packity app is legit or another scam.

Wish to earn passive income? Packity app Review

What is Packity app?

Basically the app Packity provides a server which allows the members to share their unused internet bandwidth. The company claims that this proxy server fetch you passive income. In simpler words people will generate internet traffic and your computer will become an internet portal.

The company states that your computer area will become a network for data scientist who will conduct business investigation, brand protection and data collection.

Even there is complete safety in using the application because before granting you any customer they have to go through a lengthy KYC process. The operating team believes in customer security and safety.

The earning limits depend totally on your contribution and the level of data you have attributed. Normally the earnings are somewhere from $0.05 – $0.10 per GB.

How Packity app does tend works?

Firstly you need to install the application or say software on you system which you will use further. The company has provided two different layouts for operating system one is for Mac and other one is for Windows.

Once you download and install the application you will be required to sign up. Thereafter you will direct to the dashboard.

In order to get paid you will have to leave the application running in the background.

Risks undertaken:

As we all are aware of the fact that sharing internet bandwidth can be quite much risky with the strangers. Because internet is a platform for crimes and proficient activities which even include data corruption and money deduction. Basically we are interacting with unknown clients by sharing internet. Hence we are not aware about the operating team behind the application.

Even you can do nothing once to become member of Packity. Hence it is important to known who exactly is using your internet data because it could be someone who might be leading an Internet service provider.

Therefore it can be assured that there is not gambling on the behalf of the company but there are some details mentioned in their website which make them unworthy. If you clearly see the Terms and Condition in their official website then the company has asserted that you should be using the software on your own risk which simply means there is no guarantee if your internet becomes corrupted by any of the client.

Even the company has restricted their users to conceal their IP address via VPN. Therefore we strictly recommend you think all the pros and cons prior installing the application.


  • The application is available for the people residing all over the world. Thus there should be progressing demand in the area you reside in.
  • The company features itself by stating that the members can earn passive income easily.
  • Your payments collected will be process through the most reliable source of payment i.e. PayPal.
  • The company has claimed that the bandwidth you share will be maximum to 15% and not more than that.
  • The working is quite easy and swift.
  • The consumption of the CPU is comparatively small.
  • Luckily the company has not set any threshold to be reached for withdrawing your hard earne money.


  • The income potential is quite low.
  • The company states that the software should be installed on your own risk.
  • You will have to incur all the risks if some of your client is undertaking illegal business.
  • The members cannot monitor the data which passes through their bandwidth.

How good can you earn?

The company has settled two enormous formulas which will calculate y0our earnings.

Gain = C × CR

Hence, you can find C using the mentioned formula:


Where C stands for multiplying credits, ST for Shared traffic, CR for Conversion rate, SR for Sharing rate. In simple words we can state that the amount you will be receiving will totally depends on the ratio of traffic you have generated or obtained and the share which was available.

It is observed that if your internet sharing device becomes available less 59% times then you will be liable to fetch $0.05 per GB. Otherwise if your internet device becomes accessible for more than 60% times then you will definitely fetch $0.10 per GB. Thus the company has not stated the approximate amount a member can earn in a whole month.

The company has not guarantee any preservation of members from risks which are involved in using the software. You can particularly observe this in the mentioned Terms and Conditions on the official site. Hence you should take this step carefully and after keen observation and investigation.


Packity panel is legit and authorized but you should be aware of the fact that the application is not worth investing valuable.

Hence you will be held responsible for every risk encrypted by the software. This is the loss of sharing your internet bandwidth with clients who are all over strangers.

Though the effortless income is quick and easy but we are not sure about the risk we will incur in near future.

Instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend Packity to any of our reader.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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