Review: Is a Scam app? Review: Is a Scam app?

Everyone wants to save some money. is a website that has gained attention lately. Paribus tracks your online purchase and gives you a refund when there is any price drop on the items ordered by you in the past. Technically they track your online purchases, if there is drop in the price of any item purchased in past, they file for price adjustment on your behalf to get refund for your purchase.

Usually, stores guarantee the prices of the items sold, if there is a sudden drop in the prices, you can file for price adjustment and they will pay you the difference, the difference would be the price paid by you at the time of purchase and the current price. But doing this yourself is a big hassle, as you have to file a claim to the store, provide a copy of your receipt and other documents, all these are real time consuming activities, and in this situation, Paribus comes to rescue.

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Another thing Paribus does is track your orders from Wal-Mart and Amazon, check if there are any late deliveries, notify the company about the same. You get a $10 credit for this. So this sounds pretty good, but there is catch, so whats the catch. Review Is a Scam app

What is Poribus App?

This article is about Paribus app review. The biggest disadvantage being to enjoy Paribus, you need to provide full access to your email account, which is a big privacy issue, as they can read you emails, delete them even send an email on your behalf. One can also connect credit/debit cards and Amazon account to Paribus account, in order to take advantage of price matching service. Second, refunds are not guaranteed, as the merchant has the last say in such situation,

So one cannot expect to always get a refund from purchases if a price drop occurs. There is a chance that they may not be able to monitor all the transactions, even with access to your mail. Some people do complain that they did not receive any refund even after they saw a price drop.

Paribus is only available for people residing in US and Puerto Rico.  The advantages of Paribus is that they do something which a buyer never knows about or never realizes it, when an item is purchased, one never monitors the price drop, so this is a good bonus for you, if your claims are approved, so its a good way to get your money back. Paribus does the heavy lifting for you.

You can also get refunds for shipping delays. The refund is sent directly to your bank account, which means you dont have to worry about anything. Its easy and free to join Paribus, which is great as you dont have to pay a single penny for enjoying their services.

Paribus Scam-

Paribus is not a scam, is pretty legitimate and can certainly help you get cash back on your purchases. This site is a safe and secure way to save money on your typical online purchases. When Paribus does ask you for accessing your email accounts and personal banking information, it does do what it promises and does it best to get your refunds. If there any discrepancies, then it is due to the merchants not agreeing for the refund, so Paribus just acts as a middleman, Paribus doesn’t guarantee the refunds, or there is hard time for the company monitoring all the transactions, so they are unable to file the claims of the purchases made or maybe they never find a transaction which is eligible for refund.

Paribus works with companies to give refunds on purchases, it does not refund consumers directly. However, if one is not comfortable giving access to their emails to anyone, then this is not recommended for them. But without allowing Paribus that level of access they wont be able to detect your online receipts in order to get you refund your purchases.

In addition to website, Paribus also has an app through which you can seek refunds. When you install this app getting refunds is much easier. While it is certainly advantages to get cash back savings on computer, its often much easier to simply download the app.

Paribus is definitely recommended for anyone looking for legitimate ways to get refunds on your purchases.

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