What is Partsalary? Is Partsalary Scam or Legit?

What is Partsalary? Is Partsalary Scam or Legit?

Are you seeking the information about Partsalary? In this Partsalary review, we will provide detail information and answers to some general questions. The questions like, is Partsalary Scam? Or is Part Salary Legit? Or is PartSalary Real? Or is PartSalary Fake? Earning money is good thinking. The problem arises when people want to earn it easily. Many scam website use this thinking of average people. Online working is different think but earning can be done here. What we are trying to explain is that money has it worth and we have to become worthy to have it. If you are not concerned with the reasons and want our assistance at this moment, then ‘Partsalary .com is a scam website’. It is good for nobody. They are cheating people and the concern about this website is that they are not alone. There are other websites also that have similar working like Partsalary. Websites like, Salarydaily, Salarydone, Megadollars, Jobrevo and others are declared scam website. All the stated websites got their place in our Avoid Scam list.

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How does Partsalary work?

How do you feel when somebody gives you $25 for sign-up? You feel great! On this website, you will earn $25 just by signing on this website. Earning on this website is very easy. It is easy because the tasks they are providing can be completed in 30 seconds. The tasks can be completed by anybody. The person who can operate a computer, he/she can easily work on this website. Partsalary is offering $10 for every task. Yes, once you complete the task $10 will be credited to your account. The account is credited immediately. The only problem is that the company does not pay.

Yes, the company is not paying. They have one condition i.e. limited payout condition. Under it, the member has to earn minimum $300 on this website before requesting for payment. After it when member request for payment, the company replies back that your request is in progress. They do not have any intention to pay you. They are just delaying the process. The process is delayed to frustrate you and you leave them on your own. But some people did not leave. They complain about the non-payment. The company replies back that to receive your payment soon, you have to pay for up-gradation fees. Or, you have to complete some paid survey. It means to get your own money. You have to pay for it. Instead of earning on this website you are ended with losing your own.

For instance, we believe that company is genuine. They are paying to its customers as per their claims. Still, they do not have a sustainable business model. They are providing employment to the whole world. Therefore, it is not possible for any business entity to pay $10 for the absurd task. Working like this, the company is going to collapse soon. The fun fact is that such companies never get collapse. It is due to non-payment.

The company hides its own information. They did not talk about their owner or people working on it. By talking, we mean that they did not provide any details. It is not good. Hiding information is the feature of scam websites. They leave no trails behind. It is because they did not want to have fear of getting caught. They are also hiding their information in WHOIS records. The genuine websites always provide their information. It means Partsalary is not a genuine website.


The Partsalary is not a genuine website. It is working to cheat people. They are not paying and the complaints of non-payment can be seen in any forums. It is not easy to earn money. But there are simple ways. It just you have to work hard on the right path. If you encounter any such website which offers easy money, beware of it. They are not going to pay.

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If you have any doubt regarding Partsalary website, please share it with us. We will be glad to answer you.