What is Patioplayset.com? Is Patioplayset Scam?

If you are looking to know about the Patioplayset.com then you are reading the right article to get all your answer regarding the same site. In this Patioplayset review, we are going to tackle some most common questions like, is Patioplayset Scam? Or is Patioplayset Legit? Or is Patioplayset Fake? Or is Patioplayset Real? As we all do online shopping; therefore we all know how it works. There are many sites available on the internet that used for online shopping. But do you know that in amidst of such online shopping site there a numerous scam sites also present. They fool people by offering low rate or different product at cheaper price. They use people information both personal as well financial information for their own benefits. If you do not want to read the full article then we can provide you the brief of this article. Patioplayset is a “Scam” site and they are 100% fraudulent company. They do not have good products on their site and also misuse people information by debiting from their credit card using their credit card details.

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How does Patioplayset work?

If you are wondering that Patioplayset is unique site then you are wrong. As we have already mentioned that there are many scam sites available on the internet working as online shopping site. Patioplayset is fraud site because they do not deliver what they claim. If someone buys any product on this site they generally do not send that it is because they are scam site. But if they do send somebody the product then the product will be different. They generally work on getting people credit card details. Once the company receives the credit card details then they charge the member without reason. Even after some days many people have got the message of money deducted from this site. If anyone has given their credit card details on this site or similar sites then please contact your credit card company to block such transaction or block your card. There are other similar sites working on the internet and about whom we have already reviewed are Paysea and musice.

The company is totally fraud because they did not provide any transparency in their working. The owner information is not present on the official website. Moreover, real name of any real person is not present. We cannot believe a company work without the officials and their CEO or the head. We also tried to check out the company WHOIS records but we did not succeed. They have provided some company name in spite of owner name and information. To hide the identity and does not provide any information about them is the modus operandi of the scammers. They hide because they do not want to get caught from the concerned authority or may be their name was involved in some previous scam sites.

The company asks it members for their information. They just accumulate all the data and turned it into big data. The next step they follow is to sell that information to third party. For fact, the third party is anonymous to them also. They use people financial information to do mischievous things like attacking their financial account, sending ransom wares and malware to people computer.


Patioplayset is 100% scam site which fraud people by using their information specially the credit card information. The company is working in an unscrupulous manner they are scamming number of people daily. No genuine site hides their information from the public. It is because it helps them to build their reputation and earns member trust.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Patioplayset site please do mention it in our comment section. We will be glad to help you.

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  1. fake shopping website – purchased item, account debitted, items never arrived.

    Further online investigation reveals same format on numerous other sites patioplaysets.com, jxclubs.com euscooters.com, the list goes on

    Site registered to xinqian Rhys – seems this fraudster linked to over 30,000 other domains so why cant anyone track him down???

    Seems this address used on many websites – 167 Roweland Dr, New york , NY 11434, USA but also links to China.

    Stealing money from a new parent purchasing items for his kid is not on

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