What is Paygreen.online? Is Paygreen Scam?

What is Paygreen.online? Is Paygreen Scam?

Are you looking for Paygreen.online? You have arrived at the right Paygreen Review. In this review we are going to solve some general problems faced by readers like, is Paygreen Scam? Or is Paygreen Legit? Or is Paygreen Real? Or is Paygreen Fake? If you are reading this article it means you are searching about the ways to earn money online. The earning money online is not an easy task. Despite of hard reality, many companies or websites on the internet claims to provide easy jobs and good earning to the people. Many people get trapped in their lucrative offers and then regret. If you do not want to read the full review then we can lower your burden. Paygreen is a scam website and it is operated by some unethical people that are also operating other scam websites over the internet. There are various websites like Paygreen, are already listed in our “Avoid Scam” list that turned into scam websites.

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What is Paygreen.Online Is Paygreen Scam or Legit Is Paygreen Real or Fake Paygreen Review, Paygreen

How does Paygreen work?

Referrals are the best ways to earn money in any website. The more referrals one makes the more will be his/her earning. Same theory is used by Paygreen Company. They are offering very great deal. The affiliate or referral program is used by every genuine website also. The difference between genuine website and scam website is that genuine website pays very low commission and pay to its members regularly. The low commission provides sustainability to it and authenticity by paying to its members. The scam website credits the amount immediately but never pays to its members. Let’s see Paygreen is a scam or not?

The Paygreen is offering its members to earn $2 to $5 for every unique link visit by their referral link. Believe us this is very good amount one can get via referring someone. On genuine website initially it takes time to earn even $1.  The minimum payout condition is the condition in which member has to earn a minimum amount on this website before requesting for payment. Paygreen also have a minimum payout limit on their website i.e. $50. After earning this amount member can request for payment. When member request for payment, he/she receives a message stating ‘your request is in progress and it will take some time’. The company intentionally delays the process of payment. The member when get frustrated due to delaying process then they complains about it. The company reply and told them that to speed up the payment process member have to pay up-gradation fees or complete some paid surveys for them. Here, member instead of earning easily ended up in paying its own money to get his/her own earned money. If someone complete surveys, even after it company does not pay. The company is a scam website and they are not working to pay anyone. They just want to earn money for them only. Company uses people foolishness and greed to earn revenue. If any company pays as Paygreen claims then the company will surely get collapse but Paygreen never get collapsed. It is because Paygreen Company never paid to anyone.

The company did not even trust its member and that is why they hide their information. The company owner details are not provided by the company website. The company guarded their information in WHOIS records also. They are not revealing their identity so that they can work or fool others without fear of getting caught. Paygreen Company is not able to share its information with the people, can you trust them to share their revenue with member.


Paygreen is 100% scam website and it is futile to work in this website. There are no easy ways to earn money. The person work in this website understands it after not getting paid for their easy and absurd work. If someone spend their same amount of time (that they spend in this website) working in genuine company or website then they will surely earn money. It may be not huge in the beginning but later on, one will start good money also.

If you have any doubt about Paygreen then please share it with us. We will be glad to listen from you.