What is Payjut.com? Is Payjut Scam or Legit?

What is Payjut.com? Is Payjut Scam or Legit?

If you are on this page then that means you are probably looking for a detailed review about payjut.com. This payjut review will focus on some main questions like; Is Payjut legit? Or is Payjut scam? Or Is Payjut Real? Or Is Payjut Fake?The short answer to those people who are in a rush is that it is a scam site which does not pay any of its users. Continue to read the review if you would like to find out more information about this website.

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How does Payjut work? Why It is a scam site?

Payjut’s main claim is that it is a one of the leading online advertising company. They claim that you can earn easy money by sharing referral links they give you on your social media networks. They claim you earn $5 for every referral link that you post on your social media network. You will then get a $10 for every successful visit from that referral link. Earning that kind of money for something simple as just sharing a referral link, is a deal too good to be true. Genuine websites which do this kind of work usually pay people in cents and rarely do they pay more than $1. Simply put, a company can not be able to maintain the high payout as well as make profit.
This is the main reason why this website is a scam. They have an open payout statistic policy where they openly display the recent payments they have made for work done. This are just doctored statistics, which are mainly aimed at attracting more users to their homepage. They also offer to give you an additional $5 if you sign up with them. Its quite impossible for this company to make any profit if they are offering to give out money right, left and center. However, people get to know the hard truth about this website when they reach the minimum payout and request for a payout for the work they have done. The website has a minimum payout of $300. When you request for a payout, you will be redirected to a survey page.
They will do this to you despite the fact that they have advertised that there are no surveys or verification process. The surveys are paid surveys and that means you will have to part with your own money in order to get your own money. This is just ironic and they are just setting you up for a broad daylight robbery. If you have gotten to this point and are considering paying for the survey then don’t. If you find yourself in a hole is is best to stop digging because even after you take the paid survey they still wont pay you. Stay away from this website and also advise your friends to do the same. It is just a waste of your time and effort. There is a lot of genuine online work which can guarantee you a payout, however payjut.com is not one of them. Time is money so don’t waste even a single second on this website.


As we mentioned before, Payjut is a completely fake company, So you  should stay away from this site and the sites which provide these kind of offers. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” List.

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If you have any question about Payjut or want to ask about any other site then please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.