What is homegaden.com? Is Homegaden Scam or Legit?

Do you searching the internet to know about homegaden.com? You have arrived at the right place. In this homegaden review we are going to deal with some questions that might also troubling you like, is homegaden Scam? Or is homegaden Legit? Or is homegaden Real? Or is homegaden Fake?  Such questions not only create problem for you but for many people like you. If you are reading this article then you are wise person who trying to get some insight of a website that is trying to lure people from its attractive offers. If you do not want to read the full article then we can provide you the crux of the article. Paytime is a Scam website. They are not paying to its members. Various complaints of non-payment are available on the many forums which can be seen easily over the internet. Do not fall into their lucrative traps they are just to attract people attention and nothing much.

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What is homegaden.com? Is homegaden Scam or Legit?

How does homegaden work?

As Paytime company claims and told in their FAQs that it is the micro task agency which also works as an online market research panel. The working in this website is really very simple and anybody can do it. No need of any skills is required in this website. If you can use your social media and can search anything then you are perfectly able to work in this website. Company says, ‘Join for free today and get a $10 bonus while signing up first time’. The company is crediting member account immediately. What we meant here is that, as you register yourself in this website, you see your account already credited with $10. There are three steps to start earning money and getting paid in Paytime.

  1. First, create an account: it takes only 30 seconds to make an account and member also get $10 bonus.
  2. Complete easy tasks provided by company: the tasks are very simple and it takes hardly 5 minutes to complete it. Anybody can complete the tasks. Tasks listed in the company are like testing free Apps, sharing posts and completing surveys. The company pays $2 to $20 per app that member download on their phone. The Apps provided to download are available at both Android and iOS operating systems. The company also provides surveys as one of their task. The company has various surveys on their website. They are offering member to earn $2 to $200 by completing the surveys after signing in the website. Members have the opportunity to earn money by sharing their post on the Facebook. Members have to share company banners in their social accounts. And they (the company) will pay $0.5 for per valid post. Affiliate programs use to increase website traffic and promote different products using people help. Same theory is used by Paytime website. The company has various digital products and online courses available on their website. Members have to just promote their products using member affiliate link. The company will pay $25-$150 for per sale. If member’s friend turned into a member of the company, then Paytime Company will pay $1 for per valid referral.
  3. Get paid: the company sends payment once a member minimum balance reaches at least $50 USD. Payments are sent out on NET30 basis. The NET30 basis is the one in which company pay its member their one month’s earning on or around the 30th of the following month. They support wire transfer also ($100 minimum), Paypal, Paypza, or Payoneer.

Reasons to declare it scams. Everything works very smoothly until member reach the minimum balance condition i.e. $50 for NET30 basis and $100 for wire transfer of money.  Does company pay after one month? The answer is blunt ‘No’. There are various complaints we read over the internet. The Paytime Company is not paying the member after one month. It is totally futile to wait for such a long period to receive your payment. Many scam website that are also operating on the internet also delay the process of payment up to one month. Scam website also never pays to anyone. The genuine website does not allow member to wait for such a long period because they will lose their members.

The company does not provide any information of their owner on their website. The company owner information is also guarded in WHOIS records. It means person behind this website is hiding their identity intentionally. This also is the one of the characteristics of the scam website to hide itself from public view. They know when people understand that company cheated them, and then people willing to catch them. But people are not able to catch the criminals because company owner does not leave any trails behind.


The Paytime Company may have different and new offers to fool people but their working and characteristics are all same like a scam website. They are 100% scam website. They are working to cheat people and use their time and resources to earn revenue for them only. All the working of Paytime Company is based on scam websites working, therefore, we advise our readers to avoid this website and also aware people around you about this website and its modus operandi methods.

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If you have any doubt regarding Paytime Company then please share it with us. We will be glad to hear it out.