What is Payvic.net? Is Payvic Scam or Legit?

It is possible that you must be wishing to invest in bitcoins and your search took you to Payvic.net. Now if you are looking for Payvic review then you must be a smart person. In this Payvic review we will solve some of your doubts like, is Payvic scam? Or is Payvic legit? Or is Payvic real? Or is Payvic fake? These questions are very essential to ask about such companies because you are going to invest your hard earned money in this website. As this website provide a platform to invest your bitcoins with it and in return it offers high return. It may lure people but also raise questions against it, like ‘how’? If you do not want to read full article and need our assistance at present moment. We do Not Recommend Payvic website. It is purely working in Ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme basically is the scheme in which company pays to its members from the money deposited by the new members. It is not the legal way to work because after some time the money accumulated by the company will be very high that it will get collapse or run away with people money. Many governments have declared it illegal.

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What is Payvic.net Is Payvic Scam or Legit Is Payvic Real or Fake Payvic Review Payvic

How does Payvic works?

According to the website, Payvic is an automatic online investment platform established by a team of professional traders. They are mainly focusing on forex and cryptocurrency trading over multiple exchanges and market. The company has written many things about itself but at the end they are working on Ponzi scheme only. They do not have any other methods to earn money. Actually, we can say that with full confidence because they did not provide any kind of information about their earning. We cannot just assume that the company has some secret methods to earn money. You might think that the offers of this website might be possible due to increasing price of bitcoins. But it’s not. Bitcoins in itself is very volatile in nature. Nobody can guarantee sure-2 profit in the cryptocurrency.

The Payvic investment plans are very lucrative in nature. It is because the investment plans are HYIP in nature that provides very high interest rate in short term. Payvic investment plans range from 12% interest daily for 20 days to 2000% interest daily for 70 days. They business model is not sustainable or realistic. There is very high possibility that company pay initially to its members because this is the nature of ponzi scheme. In long run the company does not have any sustainable business model. This company is not useful for long term invest or any kind of investment.

The website also has affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are used by various websites to increase their traffic which help a website a lot. Payvic website is offering 3 level affiliate programs. The commission provide by this website are 15%-2%-1% at every level. The genuine website also offer commission to its members but the only difference between genuine websites and Payvic website is that genuine websites pay low commission to its members. The high commission of Payvic company makes it non reliable.

The company has shown its legitimacy via UK Companies House certificate. The Pavic company is registered under the company name: PAYVIC LIMITED and company number: 10993318. The registration in UK Companies does not provide legitimate base to work as an investment company. The registration is made for income tax purpose. We are questioning this website certificate because to get registration certificate from the UK Companies can be done by paying just 20GBP. We have a list of not recommended websites in our site. Almost all of them have this registration certificate attached with them. Some of the not recommended websites later turned into a scam website after some period. It simply means that this UK Companies registration is not the solid which prove the legitimacy to Payvic Company to work as an investment company.


Payvic Company is Not Recommend by is due to the various reasons already mentioned above. This website is working on ponzi scheme. Payvic does not have authenticity, legitimacy and credibility to work as an investment company. But still, you want to invest this company or not are purely your call. We do not question your choice. It is because company will going to pay initially but in long term they are not. We advise you to avoid this website. Beware of such websites on future and also am beware people in your social circle.

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If you have any doubt about Payvic website then please feel free to share it with us. We will be please to listen from you.

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