What is Pcvipmall.com? Is PC VIP Mall Scam?

What is Pcvipmall.com? Is PC VIP Mall Scam?

If you are here because you want to know about Pcvipmall.com, then you are on the right article. In this PC VIP Mall review we will discuss those entire questions which are coming on your mind about Pcvipmall. The question may be like as, Is Pcvipmall Scam? Or Is Pcvipmall Legit? Or Is PC VIP Mall Real? Or Is PC VIP Mall Fake? Internet market is increasing day by day and many people prefer shopping with online store. Due to this reason many fraudulent website are coming on the internet and doing scam. PC VIP Mall is one of them website, this is a new online shopping store and claims to sell Cell Phone, Desktop Pc, Laptop, Tablets and many more other items. If you are planning to buy something from this website then before you buy something from this website it is our advice to you that please don’t buy any product from this website and make a distance from this. But if you have not enough time to read our full review on Pcvipmaal then in the short we want to tell you that this is a Scam site and it will never deliver your product if you order something from this website, and unfortunately if they delivered you any product then the quality of that product will very low. Below in our article we are describing that why we are declaring Scam to PC VIP Mall. This site is already added in our “Avoid Scam” section. In our website we create some important pages for our readers where you can find the information of many other sites, some websites is working genuinely and some are Scams. If you want to see that pages then for your easy work we are providing the list of those pages given below:

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Now, let’s start our Pcvipmaal.com review where we will tell you that why PC VIP Mall is a Scam?

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What is Pcvipmall.com Is Pcvipmall Scam or Legit Is Pcvipmall Real or Fake Pcvipmall Review, Pcvipmall

How does PC VIP Mall work? And why it is a Scam website?

Here we are providing some reason that why we are declaring PC VIP Mall to scam.

According to PC VIP Mall Claims, PC VIP Mall is a shopping online store where people can buy Cell Phone, Desktop Pc, Laptop, Tablets and many others product. But this website is not working according to their claims, this is not working genuinely and making fool to innocent people, if you buy any product from PC VIP Mall then they will not deliver your product and if they deliver you then the qualities of product will not same as you ordered. This website has many complaints on the internet it’s mean it is not a good website to purchase any product online. That’s why we are telling that it is a scam site and don’t buy any product from this website, so don’t fall into their lollipop offers. You can buy your product with popular website.

PC VIP Mall is a website which is operated by cybercriminals and this is the trick of them to getting personal information of online users, online users provides information them through their registration process, and credit cards information through their Checkoff page. When you will register with them they will save your all information and then they will use it for their personal benefits. They will get your credit card information through your checkoff page and after that they deduct your money from your account without your permission. It is our advice to those online users, who have already shopped product from this fraudulent website, they should contact their bank for helping them, they should request to bank cancel that fraud transition made by this fraudulent website and refund their money, they should delete their credit card details added on this website and remove continuously shopping saving card history.

PC VIP Mall did not provide any information of their owner and team member on their site. Then how we can believe on this site? They are hiding their information in WHOIS records also, in whois records they did not provided that who is the owner of this site. If you got fraud from this website and you want to contact them to refund your money then you have no platform to connect them.

The Company also uses member’s personal information for their personal benefits, they ask people to share their information with them. Once people share their information with them they save data of members and sell that into the third parties without member’s permission. It should be your credit card details, contact number, E-mails and etc. third parties can misuse your information in any illegal activities. For those members who are already fall into the trap of this site and order any product from this site, then for them it is our advice that please contact your bank immediately and stop your transition. Also remove your card form this website to continue shopping.

PC VIP Mall has many complaints on internet. They provided USA adders on their website but when you will payment them the payment will goes into the fever of a Chinese company. If this company is located in USA then why payment is receiving by a china Company. They can terminate your account according their wish and you cannot login them again, you need to generate a new password through a received mail but they will never send this mail to you. If you want to content them through the e-mails which they provided in their website then you will get no reply, they never reply any members.


PC VIP Mall is a Scam website, so this is our advice to you please don’t buy any product from this site and save your money. In above we already described many reason that why we are declaring scam to this website then no need to explain again. Never use your credit card and personal details on such types of website because they always loot people. Please share this information on your social media and friends also, many people can save them with your help.

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If you have any question related this website then please share with us in our comment box. we will try to make you satisfy.