What is Perfectly Posh? Is Perfectly Posh Scam?

There are some question that might confusing you about Perfectlyposh.com. You are reading this article it means you are also trying to get some insight of Perfectly Posh. In this Perfectly Posh review we are going to answer some mostly asked questions like, is Perfectly Posh Scam? Or is Perfectly Posh Legit? Or is Perfectly Posh Real? Or is Perfectly Posh Fake? In this article we are going to bring the complete truth of this site. We are going to discuss Perfectly Posh product information, positive and negative Perfectly Posh product review, Perfectly Posh compensation plan, Perfectly Posh ingredients problems, Perfectly Posh consultant reviews, Perfectly Posh complaints etc.

If you do not want to read the full review and want to know about the Perfectly Posh in brief then we are providing you it in next line. Perfectly Posh is not a scam. It is not working on Pyramid scheme. Still, we do “Not Recommend” it. You can join this company but anyone can find lots of complaints from the consumers. The complaints is regarding the company product quality. We are going to explain it in our article below and also we are going to tell you why we are placing this site in our Not Recommended section.

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What is Perfectly Posh? Perfectly Posh background

This company was founded by Ann Dalton and Andrew MaBride. In WHOIS records, we found that the site is registered under the Perfectly Posh LLC, with its owner name Ann Dalton. The owner address mention in the records is 2256 S 3600W, Salt Lake City, USA. The Perfectly Posh, website with domain name www. Perfectlyposh.com was registered in 2007 but it was launched in 2011.

The basic work of Perfectly Posh is based on MLM i.e. “Multi-level marketing“. They have beauty products in their store. All of the products are related to women for obvious reasons. The Perfectly Posh products are Lip Balm, Hand Cream, skin Cream, bath Bars, foot Products, face Wash etc. Many consumers have claimed that using their products they got pink or red irritation on their skin but the company has repeatedly claimed that they have not mixed any ingredients which cause irritation. You can find on your own, very easily about the complaints on the internet. Moreover, some consultants have warned the customers regarding Perfectly Posh products which can bring bad effect for some people. It can harm their skin. The company themselves deny all such claims but some Perfectly Posh consultants warn people before its use which is a good gesture because at least they are honestly selling the product. By this we can conclude that the product of the Perfectly Posh is not of good quality. The complaints against it are easily available on the net which can be seen by anyone very easily.

Perfectly Posh Pay plan and How to earn money from Perfectly Posh? 

Like every other MLM “Multi-level marketing” company, in this company also first you have to buy their starter kit which cost around $94 plus shipping charges and tax. If you want to become eligible to work on Perfectly Posh then you have to buy it. You can earn commission by recruiting new people down line that will increase your income. The commission you can earn by selling and making new recruitment is from 20% to 25% commission from first tier and 1% to 6% commission on other levels. It means if you make recruits below you then they can also earn money for you. Ultimately, if your recruits also work passionately like you then there are very high chances that you will earn very good income. In simple words, the more you recruit the more you will earn.

You can earn up to 20% as a starter member by selling the products of Perfectly Posh to your first tier. The commission will become 25% when you move up in the rank. It all seems easy but it is not. Their kit price is very cheap like $10 for soap only. It means you will earn $2.5 as your commission is 25%. It means you have to sell many products to earn good or fulltime income from this site. This is very arduous task and not a child’s play. You have to do a great job to convince people to join this company or sell its products. But even if they become the member the work is not ends here. It is because many people join but if they do not work actively then there is no use of them. They will not be able to contribute into your income.


As aforementioned, one can work on this site, but it is hard to earn money. One reason we did not talk above is that the market is already get saturated due to other competitors. There are many products on the market that can replace the product of Perfectly Posh very easily. Therefore, job of the distributors become very difficult to sale further their product and recruit new members. Also, the people fail to make new recruits because they follow the traditional recruitment procedure and not the modern technique. They first try to sale and make recruits in the relation or known people. In the last, to work on this company or not is your decision we have put a very true picture of this company. Our job is done and your starts.

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If you have any doubt in your mind regarding Perfectly Posh please bring it in our view. You can comment below in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.