Wish to earn legit money? PhonePaycheck Review

Wish to earn legit money? PhonePaycheck Review

In this era of advancement we people are faced with many new opportunities for earning online money. Some of them include taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, trying new application and much more.

Therefore recently we came across an amazing opportunity namely Phone Paycheck app which is publicized as a revolutionary app. The application allows its members to fetch money by renting their respective mobile processor.

This is an exclusive opportunity for earning online money. Hence this scenario creates a sense of doubt in minds of people who wish to grab this occasion.

In this article we will uncover all the major prospects and reveal whether Phone Paycheck is a legit application or just a waste of time.

Wish to earn legit money? PhonePaycheck Review

What is PhonePaycheck?

Phone Paycheck is a revolutionary application which allows its members to earn online money by renting their Smartphone processor. In simpler words the company uses your Smartphone’s processor when the members are using it.

The mobile application PhonePaycheck was invented by Silicon Valley Company which is known as Neocortix.

According to the claims of the company you can earn passive income while working with PhonePaycheck. There is no requirement of doing any of the tasks or watching an ad for 20 – 30 seconds. The members only need to rent out their processor.

Fortunately the application is available for the people residing all over the world but they keep you on a waiting list until and unless the company is not in requirement of new contributors.

It is advisable to read the FAQ section and much about the PhonePaycheck app.

How PhonePaycheck app works?

Once you install the application from Google Play Store, the company requires the sign up parties to register using their Google account.

Thereafter you will be placed on a queue list and this wait will carry on for at least 5 months. In this waiting period the members can visit the dashboard but they will not fetch any points during this period till the time being their account does not get activated.

The best part about this platform is that you are not required to distress about the battery strain or data plan because the company will use your Smartphone software only when your phone is on charging and top of this when it is connected to wifi.

Even the company will not access to your data, chats or gallery. There is no need to for the company to acknowledge your data because the members will be paid for allowing the usage of their Smartphone processor.

According to the claims of the company your Smartphone’s processor will be used in a legit way, for instance requesting the companies to review their websites.

The third party companies explains their satisfaction by concluding that before using PhonePaycheck they were paying huge amount but now they are on a saving mode as a result of using the processor of the members who have joined PhonePaycheck. Lastly the members will be paid for their efforts that they have contributed towards the economy.


Currently PhonePaycheck is working only for the users of Android. Hence the application can be downloaded from Google Play Store. In order to become the member of the app your Smartphone must comply with the following requirements mentioned below:

  • Smartphone should have free memory up to 1 GB.
  • There should be 2 cores.
  • RAM should be 768 MB.
  • The minimum clock frequency should be 1GHz.
  • Linux Kernel = 3.8.

In order to check whether your Smartphone meets these requirements or not you can precisely glimpse the Device Property located in app’s menu. In case your device falls in the above mentioned requirements then the company will classify your device within Gold, Silver and Bronze.

How much can be earned?

The points members accumulate will totally depend on major three variants mentioned below:

  • The execution of your Smartphone i.e. gold, silver and bronze.
  • As mentioned above your points will only accumulate when you phone is attached to wifi and is on charging.
  • The rate of your payments.

The members with Smartphone of S6, S7, S8 and S10 are provided Gold performance and as a result procreate more revenue.

The rate per hour and how much members can earn are mentioned by the company. Presently according to the company the members who keep their phone for charging for about 8 hours will be able to fetch $80 annually. This is the best case where you can earn more. While in the case of separate phone it can be kept on charging for 24/7 and members can fetch plus $240 per year.

Therefore annually members can fetch nearby $320 in each year and even more with great strategy.

According to the claims of the members they have earned $10 – $15 in each month which is practically a much better amount than any other application.


In order to request the company for payment the members must have $10 in their account. The amount will be credited via PayPal which is only option available by the company.


  • The application can be used by a person up to 5 phones.
  • No advertising is being glimpsed.
  • The members can earn passive income, therefore income potential is high.
  • The company uses the software while the phone is on charging and connected with wifi. In simpler words the application will not drain the battery of the Smartphone and neither the internet will exhaust.
  • The company doesn’t ask members for access in their personal information.


  • They are some technical detects observed after the installation of the application.
  • The PhonePaycheck app is available only for the Android users.
  • The company has created a waiting list which will take time.


In our final verdict we conclude that PhonePaycheck is one of the popular passive earning applications presently available for the Android users. The application is absolutely legit and trustworthy.

The working of the company PhonePaycheck is formal and do not request for an access to your phone. But the catch is that the members will have to wait until and unless the company doesn’t feel their requirement. Though the waiting list will take time but the time invested is worth at last.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.