What is Pinecone Research? Is Pinecone Scam?

Are you looking for Pineconeresearch.com site, you are looking to the right page. In this Pinecone Research Review, we are going to answer some most of the asked questions like, is Pinecone Research Scam? Or is Pinecone Research Legit? Or is Pinecone Research Fake? Or is Pinecone Research Real? All these questions are imperative because on this site money is involved and there are many sites operating on the internet that scam people by luring them. Pinecone Research is a survey site which provides a survey of its members and pays around $2-$3 per survey after the completion of the survey. If you are not interested to read the whole article and want to reduce your labor of reading the whole article then we can provide you the crux of this article. Pinecone Research is not a scam site. It is a perfectly legit site. We have much information about the owner of the company and other essential information which we are going to provide in our article below. We are placing this site in our “Promising section” and not in Trusted and Legit Work section due to the various points which we are going to discuss in detail below in this article.

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What is Pineconeresearch.com Is Pineconeresearch Scam or Legit Is Pineconeresearch Real or Fake Pineconeresearch Review, Pinecone Research

How does Pinecone Research work? Pinecone Research background

Pinecone Research is among the trusted leader in the survey industry. Nielsen, which is a very reputed market research company, owns and operates the Pinecone Research site. Their main focus is based on ameliorating the quality of future products via collecting surveys at the international research level. Pinecone Research had got a very good fame among the netizens but it finds hard to get the same kind of attention or buzz from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Because of it, they only managed to get a D rating on a scale range from A+ to F.

How to earn money on Pinecone Research site?

The first step to join the Pinecone Research site is sign-up, which you can do by just simply visiting their homepage and click the ‘Join’ button. There is a possibility that you will not be able to register yourself on their site because some time registration gets closed. Do not lose your heart; you can join it some other time. If you are able to access the registration page, then provide your information, especially the demographic location. Demographic location is very important. It is because the companies will provide the survey according to people demographic location. It is essential for every online survey sites. Because of this feature, many people do not get qualified for surveys in many sites and does not earn much despite to having numerous survey available for them. Note: only one member per family can register in Pinecone Research Company. If you try to register more account then the company will cancel your registration.

After the registration, you will receive the confirmation message in your email, which contain your username and password to work on this site. To earn money on this site, you can take as many surveys as you want or wish. Each survey will pay you around $3. The time consumed to complete the surveys is around 1-15 minutes. The company pays to its members in two ways i.e. via PayPal or Cheque.

PayPal: it is the fastest method to receive money online. When you complete the survey you will be getting paid in following days (Monday-Friday). The minimum amount that can be wired via PayPal is $1. The company pays its members after completing the surveys. If you complete 10 surveys in a day each at $3 then you will receive 5 credits into your account the following working day.

Cheque: the process is same as PayPal but you have to wait to get your check as it takes approximately two weeks.

Positive points of Pinecone Research

  1. First, you can sign-up for free. There is no monetary charge to register on this site. It means, if you want to try this site for once, you do not have to pay for your try. You can simply just register yourself. There is no risk or investment of money on this site. The only thing you are going to invest on this site is your time.
  2. The surveys are not hard and they are simple that can be completed by any person. It does not take much time and the best thing we have heard from people is that they get qualified for every survey (it does not happen on other survey sites and that is why many survey sites got the place in our Not Recommended section).
  3. You have no obligation and no fixed time of work. You can take survey anytime and anywhere you wish.

Negative points of Pinecone Research

  1. Earning is not much: if you are thinking that you will become rich by completing the surveys on this site then you are wrong. Nobody is going to become rich by completing the surveys on this site. It can hardly allow you to earn $100 and that is after spending much time on this site with full commitment. You will only receive 2-3 surveys per day and some time the frequency of surveys does down. There is not much hope of earning money on this site.
  2. Surveys are easy but not interesting. You will get bored easily.
  3. Only one account is permitted per household. If you sign up multiple accounts on their site then you have to face a ban.

The company is legit but earning on it is not good. You can work on this site without a fear of getting scammed. This is the main reason why we did not place it in our Not Recommended section. We placed the Pinecone Research in our “Promising section” because you can still earn money on this site in a legit way. The money will not be much but side money is still money.


We are placing the Pinecone Research site in our “Promising section” due to the various reasons we have stated above. There are good chances to earn money on this site. To work on this site or not it is your decision. We have placed an unbiased review in front of you. Now, the ball is on your side and you have to take a decision. The company is legit and there is worry about being scammed by this company.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Pinecone Research, please write us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.