What is Pinkcash.io? Is Pinkcash Scam or Legit?

What is Pinkcash.io? Is Pinkcash Scam or Legit?

You are reading this article it means you are looking for Pinkcash.io website. To get the information and answers to some questions like, is Pinkcash Scam? Or is Pinkcash Legit? Or is Pinkcash Fake? Or is Pinkcash Real? You have arrived at the right Pinkcash review. In this article, we will try to solve all your queries. The Pinkcash website is one of the websites that are providing a platform to invest the money and earn daily or hourly interest rate. The investment is made simple by Pinkcash website. They are offering very profitable returns that lure investor. If you are not interested in reading the full review, we can reduce your reading labor. We do “Not Recommend” Pinkcash website. The reasons are that it is working in illegal schemes like Ponzi scheme and Hybrid pyramid scheme.

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What is Pinkcash.io Is Pinkcash Scam or Legit Is Pinkcash Real or Fake Pinkcash Review, Pinkcash

How does Pinkcash work?

Pinkcash works is not a real company. It is because the price of BTC at this moment is around $11000 and Pinkcash website is offering a 0.01BTC as a Valentine Day bonus. It is not possible for anyone to pay 0.01BTC for just signing up. The business model of this website is not according to the real world.

The legitimacy of a company is very important. It is because the company is dealing with money. People invest their hard earned money. Therefore, legitimacy is the must and imperative. The Pinkcash has provided the certificate of registration to prove its legitimacy. The registration certificate is of UK Companies House. The notable point about this registration certificate is that you can get it by just paying 20GBP. It is not an arduous task to get this certificate. Maybe due to the same reason, other websites listed on our Not Recommended list got the same registration certificate. The Pinkcash company is registered under the company name: CASH LIMITED and the company number: 09289907. The company proof of its legitimacy is not solid because many websites having the same certificate turned into scam website after some time.

The company owner information is not available on the website. It is not possible that a company can run without the owner. The owner details and information is imperative because your hard earned money is at stake. You should know the person to whom you hand over your money. The company does not even mention the name or any kind of information about their personals. They guarded their information in WHOIS records. Guarding the information in records is the feature of the scam websites. Therefore, Pinkcash is not a good company which hides and does not provide any information about it to its members. The credibility of Pinkcash website is zero in this regard.

Let’s talk about the investment plans of the Pinkcash website. This website since working as an Investment Company, therefore, it has emphasized its investment plans more than any other component. The investment plans are different and range from 2% to 5% daily interest rates forever. The numbers are very high and non-viable. It is because, in reality, no company can give such a huge profit. The big banks of the world offer interest rates very low and that is also annually. In the real world, interest rates offered by Pinkcash make the company unsustainable. It means that company got no future. The company will soon get collapse and will run away with people money.

As aforementioned, that company is working on Ponzi scheme. Under this scheme, a company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. Since the company does not have any other way to earn money, therefore, the company accumulate huge debt over it and then run away with people money. On the same pattern, Pinkcash is working.

The company 3 levels affiliate program. The commissions are 8%, 2% and 1% on every level respectively. The company uses this strategy to increase their traffic and members of their website. Many companies pay the commission but they offer commission on selling price of their product or services. Pinkcash is paying commission without selling any real product. This way company is working on another illegal scheme known as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme. This makes the company more non-reliable from the investment point of view


Pinkcash is Not Recommend by us due to various discrepancies discussed in above paragraphs. The company working is illegal and does not have legitimacy. The credibility of this company is zero, therefore, we advise you to avoid this website. At the last, to invest on this website or not is your call. We have just provided you the important points that we think you should consider before investing your money.

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If you have any trouble regarding the working of Pinkcash, please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.