Can crypto currency fetch money? Platincoin Review

With the newness in today’s inventions advanced schemes are taking their own place. Hence most of them are including crypto currencies. Hence this is a matter of worry for all the members who have a desire to participate in such schemes.

Firstly of all we congratulate you for taking a step forward towards the welfare of the society by doing your own research.

Surely majority of the people are unaware of the fact about crypto currencies but still various companies are turning again and again to fetch more members towards their platform.

Such a scheme we came across recently is Platincoin. One thing you all should keep in mind is that we are purely sole business workers; we have no collaboration with any of such schemes or platform.

Therefore in this article we will uncover all the prospects about Platincoin. Hence will also reveal whether it is safe to use or another fraudulent site to scam people.

Can crypto currency fetch money? Platincoin Review

What is Platincoin?

Basically Platincoin is providing an opportunity to people to merchandise in crypto currencies. The fundamental that works in is the more money you tend to invest the more you will receive.

Platincoin is developed by a Switzerland company named PLC Group AG, which is vested in Zug. Hence the basics of the company are in Germany.

While if we talk about the motive of Platincoin then it is observed that they wish to fabricate such a coin which is of more value to the society. As such the coins are awarded as a free gift to the people who purchase the business package of Platincoin.

The biggest doubt bumps when we observe no details about the owner and its company on the main website. After certain investigation is been through we found that Alex Reinhardt is designated as the CEO of Platincoin after he has been goodwill in some Ponzi schemes.

How does Platincoin works?

Joining to Platincoin is absolutely free. After that you join the company you will have to purchase any of the represented business package like the price of Plus Minter is €1070, Medium Minter is €535, Basic Minter is €268 and so on. Every business package contains a specific level of ROI. Even you will also receive entrance to 4 stated panels.

What comes internally under Platincoin:

You might be thinking that we are discussing about Ponzi scheme so Platincoin might be related to some trading business but in real the company does not held any merchandising instead they lay various platforms in order to allow their members to earn money.

  • PLC Business: This section is most funding than other platforms. Here members are provided an opportunity to resource a start up business. Basically the working is quite simple. Both the parties agree upon some amount of percentage been given to the Platincoin which is further separated between the supporters of the Platincoin i.e. members.
  • PLC Market: This platform is marketing panel which provides members the luxury to enjoy the compensation within one of the Platincoin plans.
  • PLC Network: It is the main socializing organization which roofs the members of the company on a global basis. Such a network also works as a resource for estate and tools in order to advertise Platincoin.
  • PLC Academy: This platform is very much useful for the unaware members. There are various knowledgeable learning and practicing programs which will help people who have no clue about coins and how does it work. Even there are masterful topics which cover merchandising. After all the facilities we could not see any response against the Platincoin.

How can we earn using Platincoin?

The members of the company Platincoin are supposed to fund their money via Platincoin basically which is reputed as the translating version of crypto currency.

Therefore inpayments differ from $5.50 to $11000 or say €5 to €10000, which totally depends on the present transaction rate. Currently if I talk about this particular period of time then the rate of Platincoin is $7.61 each coin.

The receiving coins are not exchangeable at all in the market. The members can get them changed in the form of real coins only from the company exchange management i.e. Turbo Button PLC.


  • According to the suspects of Government Platincoin seems to work as Ponzi scheme. Therefore the biggest drawback with Ponzi scheme is that when all the income generation is done by the funds invested by the people, and then is there is something fishy going inside.

In addition to this no one can stop the fact that the CEO of Platincoin is Alex Reinhardt who was once a                          reputed  member of Ponzi scheming.

  • The company Platincoin has not provided any information about the background of the company which is again a red flag against it.
  • Whatsoever good can be presumed but crypto currency is way too healthy for the people. It is very risky to work on it. Even the professional traders are staying away from such coin schemes.
  • The company claims that if you wish to double your profits you will also have to double your investment. Therefore this is exactly a loop which dupe people in.
  • Government is warning against all the crypto products which are operating in Germany. Therefore all the companies should be avoided which does not provide any ID information before the members invest their money in.


As with above points I mentioned the company Platincoin tends to appear legit. But after all proof received we still not prefer the usage of Platincoin to any of our members.

The factor for not recommendation is that the company already has a Government warning. Hence this topic cannot be taken smoothly.

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