Is Funkoc.Com a Scam website? Funkoc Review

Is Funkoc a Scam website? Funkoc Review

If you are reading this article, it means you want to know about Funkoc ?  You have arrived at the right place. We are going to discuss some imperative questions like, is Funkoc Scam? Or is Funkoc Legit? Or is Funkoc Real? Or is Funkoc Fake? The Funkoc review is going to answer all your queries. There are various websites that offer very profitable schemes to people. They want to catch the attention of people.  Their lucrative offers make people partially blind. People start believing that they will earn here. They did not try to get information about the website. They did not try to understand how the website is working.  The offer of earning easily ends with regret. If you do not want to read the full article, then Funkoc is a scam website. They are totally non-legit. They are unreal and bogus. Many websites with similar offers and working like Funkoc have already declared a scam website.

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Is Funkoc  a Scam website? Funkoc  Review

How do Funkoc works?

The Funkoc is offering $10 for every Facebook post. Earning on this website is quiet easy. You have to just work on referrals. The website provides you a unique referral link. Referrals are used by websites to increase their traffic. You have to post and promote the link on different social media platform like Facebook, Forums, Blog and etc. Genuine websites also use referrals for their promotion. They pay to its members but they never pay in dollars directly. Only scam websites are the one that offers in dollars but they never pay. It is a very unsustainable way to work. The website offering low commission provides them sustainability and reliability. Genuine websites pay regularly to its members. The Funkoc website is a scam website that does not pay to its members. The complaints of non-payment can be seen in any forum.

The Funkoc has minimum payout limit i.e. $300. After earning $300, a member can request the payment. The company replies them back that ‘your request is in the process and it will take some time’. They delay the process intentionally. After few days patience level of a member gets over. When they complain to the company, the company messaged them that ‘to receive your payment soon, pay the upgradation fees or complete some paid surveys’.  If you complete the surveys even then you are not going to receive your money. The company is a scam website. It is purely working to cheat people.

The company is totally fraud. They did not mention anything about their owner. The information of any personals is not there. They hide their identity in WHOIS records. The Funkoc is not good because it has every feature of scam website i.e. hiding the information or zero transparency. The transparency is must to build the trust. The credibility of the Funkoc is negative. The Funkoc is not able to share its information with the public. Can you trust a website that it will share its revenue with you?The Funkoc asks its members to share their information with them. By registering them, they acquire their personal information.

To pay its members they ask them for their financial information. The revelation of the financial information makes you vulnerable to hackers attack. People running scam websites are not scrupulous. They steal money directly from the member financial account. They also sell the personal information to anonymous people without a member consent.


The Funkoc is 100% non-legit website. They are working to take the advantage of people ignorance. They use people time and resources to generate revenue for them. They are not good people and can use your information or sell it. Working on this website is futile. They are not going to pay you. You can utilize your time in some other genuine websites.

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If you have any question regarding Funkoc then please feel free to ask us. You can drop your question in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.