Want to be an influencer? Power of Opinions Review 

Want to be an influencer? Power of Opinions Review

In this era of competition people are in a race to earn online legit money. Many of them fail to complete due to scammers operating freely. Hence as a result it becomes very much important to research about the companies we are planning to work with. Therefore, we congratulate you all for investing valuable time for the safety of the society.

Recently we came across a website namely Power of Opinions which is claimed as one of the demanding and popular marketing research panel.

Before also we have studied about various survey platforms which have concluded as doubtful and skeptical. Now the question arises whether Power of Opinions is operating in the same way as other scam survey panels have claimed.

In this article we will cover all the prospects and conclude whether Power of Opinions is legit or another scam.

Want to be an influencer? Power of Opinions Review 

What is Power of Opinions?

Power of Opinions is a platform which held surveys and the company is operated by a marketing research company namely Atomik Research.

This survey panel is available only for the people residing in UK and only they can participate in online surveys. As being one of the members of Power of Opinions you will be given the opportunity to influence the decision of leading brands. For this the company will send email you the available invitations for the surveys. The members can participate either in online surveys or focus groups.

The members are flourished with are easy and simple to complete but various surveys in Power of Opinions require members to qualify the screening test which consist of few questions.

For instance; a survey regarding the dating application will reveal the trend in today’s generation and this will help the developers to modify the app according to the needs of the people. Each survey you conquer will fetch you points which can be redeemed via PayPal, gift cards like Amazon and Love2Shop.

After an intense research we could not even find a single trace of fraud played by the Power of Opinions. There are no complaints regarding payment issue neither obstacles faced by the members. This proves that the company Power of Opinions is legit.

How does Power of Opinions work?

For joining Power of Opinions you must register yourself as the members by filling some details such as email address, employment status, education, marital status, and much more.

Thereafter you will be required to verify your submitted email by clicking on the confirmation link. Once you verification is completed you will receive sign up bonus of 100 points.

According to the claims of the Company 1 points earned equals to 1p so after as your sign up bonus you will start working with £1.

As mentioned above for being started with surveys you will be required to answer some screening questions in order to get qualified for the surveys. Frankly, sometimes it will get into your nerves as most of the time you will be declared disqualified. This is the traditional operation how surveys work. Some companies collaborated with Power of Opinions pay you some cents even if you get disqualified in the screening test.

Ways of earning money:

  • Taking Surveys: The most popular way to earn money by Power of Opinions is by taking surveys. The invitations for the available surveys will be send by the company through an email. The surveys send to you will depend on your profile and hence only those invitations of the surveys you will which are ideal for you.

Even visiting your account can also reveal all the available opportunities lying in your way. The surveys presented by the company are quick and short. Therefore much of your valuable time will not be invested.

Remember that most of the surveys require the qualification of screening test to determine whether the surveys suit you or not. Even some of the survey panels pay you some of the cents even though you get disqualified.

  • Focus Groups: While participating in online surveys the company Power of Opinions provides you another opportunity to earn money by taking part in focus groups. Basically Focus Groups are those groups where people or members of the group share their opinions and point of views on a particular product, service or topic at a time.

For the good part Focus Groups pays good income if you participate in them and share your valuable opinions. But the plunge is that such types of groups are found rarely and they are much more difficult to qualify than the surveys.

  • Inviting Friends: Fortunately Power of Opinions provide their members to earn more by inviting friends. If the person joins the platform using your referral code then you will fetch 5 points which will be credited to your account once they complete at least one survey.

Money making with Power of Opinions:

When we talk about completing surveys which are basically MCQs then the members can accumulate from 15p – £2. The pay rate received depends totally on the length of the survey they have taken.

As mentioned above income potential is high in participating in Focus Groups. You will fetch from           £25 – £500 each study.

There are even times when there will be no available surveys or groups to participate in because of the shortage of surveys and scarcity of Focus Groups. Therefore it is recommendable to join other survey sites which will at least add some extra income in your pocket.


If you wish to redeem your accumulated points for gift cards like Amazon gift card or Love2Shop gift card then you must have collected 900 points which in return will get you a coupon of £10.

In order to exchange the points via PayPal then you should collect minimum 956 points.


In our final verdict we conclude that Power of Opinions is a legit and trustworthy survey platform which allows their members to earn money by completing surveys and participating in Focus Groups.

The only downfall is that there will be times when the members will not receive any invitations for surveys and there is genuinely scarcity of Focus Groups. Plus the opportunity is only available for the people residing in UK. But there are no complaints or any issue raised by the members of the company Power of Opinions.

Therefore we recommend Power of Opinions to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.