Wish to earn money by helping society? Premise app Review

Wish to earn money by helping society? Premise app Review

As there are lots of vibrant occasions which provide fetch money in your pocket. Thereafter still there are many people who are searching for opportunities which can bring legit money to them. Recently, I came across an amazing and creative application named Premise app.

Now, you people might be wondering what does this app do special things. What things make Premise a difference? In this article we will learn all contents in deep. Speaking of which, you people might be wondering whether Premise app is legit or scam.

What is Premise app?

Basically, the company is worldwide market area which motives to collect data which is bountiful from all over the globe. Premise is an application which offers different projects to its members in an untraditional way.

The application pays you rewards for clicking the pictures and describes your daily activities by reporting it to the company. These pictures and your information will be used by different organization and businesses to improve your locality in many ways.

For example: The company might ask you to post roads of different areas to make sure whether they are bumpy. While they may even ask to click a picture of bins and describe the position of them in your nearby areas.

Therefore, these information and details are used in a positive manner to make relevant changes if necessary. Hence, the application is available worldwide.

How does Premise work?

The application can be downloaded from Google Play store or App store. Premise app is available for both iOS and Android users.

Though the app is available on a global basis but still it may not be supported in some areas. Due to the needs of the retailers and market it might not work in some of the cities. But a new location normally takes 2 to 6 weeks to establish. Once, you download the application you need to create an account either using your email address or Facebook id. Thereafter the company will ask permission to access you location as it is mandatory to acknowledge the available tasks.

After the completion of profile the company gives you their first assignment. For example; they may ask you to click the picture of weather or your nearby surroundings, etc. But the task appointed to you will be different which depends on your location you reside in. Even the first task you complete will fetch you earnings.

If you want to earn more it is quite pretty easy as you just need to fill a questionnaire. The list of questions will be based on your name, age, working scenario, native language, English fluency, education prospect, etc.

Now for you it is definitely possible to grab the availing opportunities. The assignments don’t take much time to finish. As well there is no limited number of assignments which you have to take in particular time period. You are absolutely free to attend as many tasks as you want there is no restriction on it. Even if you want to swap the assignments at any point of time then you free to do it.

The tasks assigned to you will vary from location to location. As far you move on you tasks tend to change. For example: at one area you would be assigned a task to click a photo of bumpy roads while at other location you might be asked to click a photo of the bus ticket or a photo with the tags of water bottle at bus terminal. To take all these pictures of your assignment you have to use Premise analyze computer vision system. This system will automatically update the facts and the location where the pictured was snapped.

This software can verify the assignments, location and the particular you had took the photo. The software is absolutely latest as it is modified and altered more than once.

There is no particular time when you can complete the assignments. Whenever you find yourself you can open the app and accomplish the chosen tasks.

Ways to earn money:

There are some tasks available on the Premise listed below:

  • Review on restaurants: Reporting pictures of hotels and restaurants helps the company to rate the availability of food and drink.
  • Review on pathetic condition of public places: You can consider dirty places, condition of bins, bumpy roads, public toilets, or any other public area.
  • Report in water condition: Premise may even ask you to snap a picture of available public water in a particular area.

Every ad the company post has certain worth assigned to it. Every task you complete will fetch you some cents. But these all things depend on your location. For example if you reside in countries like Indonesia, India, etc then you may expect to earn nearby $30 to $50 a month. In some countries people may be asked to report the condition of electricity of low income houses. This all reports will help to consider the prices of products, condition of roads, electricity, whether the marketing is going to new schemes or not, etc.

While the payment cash out depends solely on your country you reside in. After completion of your assignment you can request for payment. Currently the company provides two payment options i.e. PayPal and Coinbase.


What premise is doing is a great initiative. It is an absolutely creative way to earn money. As well as the company is available on a global basis. It’s really simple to work with Premise as you only need to accept daily updated assignments, complete them and get paid for you work. Therefore the amount of money you fetch depends totally on your location that you reside in.

Therefore the company is absolutely legit as there are laying proofs over the internet about Premise payment. Premise is worth using.

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If you are hovering with any confusion or queries then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the below section. Experience holders are also welcome to share opinions.