Searching ways to earn online money? PrivaDroid Review

Searching ways to earn online money? PrivaDroid Review

Today’s era is full of experiment and growth. The behavior in thoughts is also progressing and the curiosity of earning well is developing with the fast pace of globalization. Each and every person wants to earn legit money with the comfort from their homes. Therefore internet world is playing a great role in influencing the earnings of people.

Since there are various ways to earn money online but many of them tend to result in playing fraud. The scammers tend to corrupt the internet world by playing tricks.

Recently we came across an application namely PrivaDroid which renders huge claims regarding the earnings from the app. Here the question comes whether PrivaDroid is legit or not.

In this article we will cover all the major prospects and conclude that whether PrivaDroid is worth the time or just a scam.

Searching ways to earn online money? PrivaDroid Review

What is PrivaDroid?

PrivaDroid is an application which is available only for the Android users. The inventers of the PrivaDroid applications claims that members can fetch $10 only for downloading the application and keeping it installed for about 30 days. The application PrivaDroid was developed by the Android Privacy Team from the University of Toronto.

Developers created this application with a vision of investigating how permission requests affect the decisions of the users whenever they think of installing and uninstalling a particular application. Through this PrivaDroid app developer collects informative knowledge about the decisions of app users.

Currently it is applicable that PrivaDroid is a legit application which is actually paying its members $10 for installing the application and keeping it installed for at least 30 days.

Aforesaid that the PrivaDroid app is been operated by the team of University of Toronto therefore they won’t do anything to spoil the reputation of such leading University.

How PrivaDroid app does tend to work?

Firstly you will be required to install the application from the Google Play Store and register yourself as the member of PrivaDroid. For completing demographic profile the company only asks for Google Advertising id and no personal informative questions are raised.

The only job for you as the member of PrivaDroid app is to render answers for few survey questions prior in installing and uninstalling the application. The answers shared will remain closed with research study team.

The participating period last only for 30 days and till this time the members can answer the survey questions and earn $10. Therefore this can be ensured that the onetime payment will be received by the members without any further issues.

Who can use PrivaDroid app?

Unfortunately the PrivaDroid application is available for the residents of few countries such as France, Spain, Canada, India, South Korea, United States, Hong Kong, South Africa, Argentina, and Singapore.

If you reside in any of the above mentioned country then you can start participating with PrivaDroid without any second thought.

Member’s viewpoints:

Majority of the users of PrivaDroid have rated the application with 5 stars. All the members have claimed that there was no problem with the payment.

While there was no issue with the payment but the members were worried with the drainage of battery within few hours of working. Some members claimed that their battery was drained one third. Therefore the developers must come with a solution to resolve the issue of battery drainage.


In our final verdict we conclude that PrivaDroid is 100% legit application which allows its members to earn $10 USD.

The only problem members are dealing with is the battery drainage which should be taken care by the developers. The other occurring problem is that this is one time payment and as participating member you will stop working after 30 days of period.

If you wish to earn online legit money then you can install other legitimate applications such as InCompass, McMoney and many more.

Therefore we do not recommend PrivaDroid to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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