What is Prizerebel.com? Is Prizerebel Scam?

If you are looking over the internet to know about the Prizerebel.com then my friend you are at the right place. In this Prizerebel review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is Prizerebel Scam? Or is Prizerebel Legit? Or is Prizerebel Fake? Or is Prizerebel Real? There are various online reward websites working on the internet that pay its members for the different things member do for them. In between those sites there are many bad sites also working that scam people. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary of our review in next few lines.  Prizerebel is not a scam site. It is a legit site. We have placed this site in the Not Recommend list. The reasons are discussed below in this article. Therefore, you should read the whole article to get the complete picture of this site.

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What is Prizerebel.com Is Prizerebel Scam or Legit Is Prizerebel Real or Fake Prizerebel Review, Prizerebel

How does PrizeRebel work?

Prizerebel is one those sites where you can earn reward for doing various online activities. The activity include: downloading Smartphone apps, completing online task, signing up for products trials, taking surveys, referring other people about this site or some other site, filing your profile completely and truly, liking different facebook page, taking tour of some site, app or other things and so on. This site is like a free opportunity for every one working on the internet.

Payment systems of Prizerebel works on point system i.e. they will pay not pay you in cash for completing the task but points will be awarded. You can exchange those reward points and get cash. Or you can exchange those points for real things like: Amazon Gift Cards, other gift cards, Cold Hard Cash via PayPal, online games codes and others. Some activity is going to pay you more and obviously those activity will require more effort from your side.

Complaints of Prizerebel

  1. Offers: to get paid for the free trials can be profitable. But youhave to careful there because if you stop before ending the train then you may have your credit card charged anonymously more than you paid. Good thing is that it is optional and you have no obligation to indulge on those offers.
  2. Spam: since different companies are paying the Prizerebel for their work. It means they are going to send people different offers in their email. Many of them are spam which is not good. But it is the part of whole process. You cannot compliant about these things much. Actually many sites working to get information of as many people as they can.


Prizerebel is legit site and many people are working and earning on this site. There are many people who use this site to earn. But we also want to tell that this site is not going to make you rich. It is the site where you can earn money but not a fulltime income. We are Not Recommending this site despite claiming it a legit site because we are not. It is because there are other sites available on the internet that help you to earn way more money than this site.

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If you have any kind of doubt regarding the Prizerebel site, please click comment in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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