Proofreading Review: Is Proofreading Scam?

As working over the internet for the whole day long has opened lots of opportunities for the people to earn money just by sitting at home in the convenient ambience. Hence, finding the best one isn’t too hard these days.

Most of the beginners face a common problem from where to inaugurate. What kind of job you should be interested that has high potential income? Which company to go for? As there are numerous elbow rooms available while it’s best to find an opportunity which best suits your requirements and take full benefit of your skills and your talents.

While preferably if you are a good viewer and marvelous at spotting mistakes and errors then we would suggest you to opt for proofreader as your grabbing opportunity.

If you are wondering of how to be working as a proofreader then we are right here to help you out. There is a website out there over the internet going global these days; and hence the site name is proofread anywhere.

Proofread anywhere is an online course which teaches you how to be more efficient in proofreading while precisely it does not promises to provide an opportunity to make money online unless you becomes its affiliate.  While the ratio you earn totally depends on your regular clients. While for now proofreading is absolutely a well known site with legit courses.

Proofreading Review: Is Proofreading Scam?

What is proofreading anywhere?

Proofreading anywhere is a platform owned by Caitlin Pyle which offers various courses on how to become successful and leading proofreader. Caitlin Pyle is the owner and founder of the site and she started this course online in 2012 when her proofreading career saw the plunge in a wide success. The course offered will provide you education and on the same hand will train you for further opportunities. This website has helped thousands of people and all have become affluent proofreaders.

The site provides training in real to people for them to become successful proofreaders. The money paid for the courses are relatable higher but similarly they are worth paying. But there is a common problem which is faced by all sites who help people making money online, is the fact that no request for refund can be issued. So once you get logged in then you cannot get out of it.

Basically, proofreading is the ultimate procedure which is performed in the publishing the content. So however in proofreading a critic is hired which will spot all the errors and mistake in the creative article which is to be published. This is comparatively tough task and takes a lot of time so they are paid more. The basic things which a proofreader is supposed to do are correcting the grammar, formatting, sentence structure, spellings of the wholesome article.

Things like this require a lot of learning and it could be made easy once expertise in grammar structure is gained. Proofreading can be one of the super enjoyable tasks once mastery is learned. So for this very purpose proofread anywhere is go to go situation.

How does proofread anywhere works?

Proofreading anywhere provides two available courses which a primarily paid, General Proofreading course and Transcript Proofreading course. These both of the courses are taken by the people who do not have any background link with and want to gain proficiency as a proofreader.

Both of the courses offered by the website have different fields to mange. Speaking of which, you can take three additional free workshops to check your availability for having a career in proofreader.

General Proofreading Course:

This course includes both theory and practical parts to the people who want to become a general proofreader. Being a general proofreader you will work with those people and employers who need general proofreading like novel, menu, cookbook, content writing, etc.

This whole course includes 10 modules and 10th module being the necessarily one where you will discuss about money matters. The course consists of a workshop and workbook.

In a small view we will discuss the requirements and the contents of each module:

In the 1st unit there will be an introduction and an overview of proofreading as a career path and will explain all abilities and skills required for you to be a successful proofreader.

2nd unit will include focusing to transform your mindset as a proofreader and will explain on all the terms widely and commonly used in the industry you will be working in future.

The 3rd unit will start with the basics and will provide you intuition and practice with the common obstacles and errors you will be facing.

In the 4th unit they provide techniques with followed practice and will explain 4 different methods of proofreading.

In the 5th unit will explain you how ca proofreading course can be converted into a business path. This module will help you to create your own resume and a personalized website.

In unit 6 you will find potential clients while in unit 7 will explain you want can be done once you get clients. These two units are basically surrounded by finding the clients and maintain them for a long period of time. These units will also help to you to learn billing your work.

The 8th unit is real time work which will fetch you the experience as well as money from the freelancing life. You will have the exposure to the hectic schedule of a work from home as a proofreader.

In module 9 you will be asked to perform an Ignite plus Exam which is only available for the Ignite plus Students. This is a higher level exam which will check your level of aptitude.

General Proofreading costs you $490 – $600 if you wish to opt for Ignite plus Exam, which will include graded exam, membership in Marketing Mastermind Group, listing in self publishing schools, certificate.

The 10th unit discusses the transformation of money mindset which will also consist of a workbook and workshop.

Transcript Proofreading Course:

This course is preferably for those who want to make proofreading as their money matter career. For expertise in proofreading this site provides methods and practice. This course consists of 9 modules but is way too expensive than general training course at $1170. But the money can be paid in installments. The whole transcript proofreading course will take nearly 2 to 4 months to complete and gain expertise.

You can even purchase books from the site for further knowledge which can help you to indulge your career in proofreading.      Though the site is a training platform but it do offers an opportunity for making money through their affiliate program.

The affiliate program is pretty simple but provided you should have a website or a blogging page where you can post your affiliate link.

Fortunately, the site issues a referral program and you will earn 30% of the commission for every general course sold using your referral link. It is comparatively important to sale at least once within 6 months otherwise your affiliate account will be turned off. Commissions that are your earnings will be paid via PayPal at the end of each month. In the worst cases if your link doesn’t experience a single click within 3 months then also your affiliate account is tend to close.

Sayings about Proofread Anywhere:

There are many reviews all over the internet about proofread anywhere, while most of them are positive about the usefulness of the site while in some comments the company and the owner is targeted due to some problems in her private life.


  • The first thing I liked about proofread is that it provides you a platform where you can earn money. Through their affiliate you can become an affiliate and can promote general proofreading course to earn 30% commission.
  • Secondly it is so helpful of the site to provide you methods with real time practice. It does not stop only at the path of courses but even make you learn how you can turn your teaching into business by attracting clients and companies towards you.
  • As the company provides all the details regarding their owner and you can get an access to her by email or social media.



  • First thing I dislike about this site is that the courses available are way too expensive and this will bind the number of people who are interested in the courses.
  • The second unlikely thing about proofread anywhere is that the payment you made for the courses is not refundable.


Do we recommend?

After coming face to face with all the pints of proofread anywhere we prefer this site as it is worth checking and going through. This site is precisely good for those who are good at spotting errors and mistakes. Besides the company also provide an opportunity to earn money through their affiliate program. By clearing all the facts about proofread anywhere we definitely recommend all our readers to check it out at least once.

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If you are suffering from any doubts and queries then please comment in our section below. Experience holders are also invited to share their views.






























































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