What is Passivearning.com? Is Passiv Earning Scam?

What is Passivearning.com? Is Passiv Earning Scam?

Are you searching the internet to know about Passivearning.com? Your search ends here and now. In this Passivearning review we are going to discuss its working. Is Passivearning Scam? Or is Passivearning Legit? Or is Passivearning Real? Or is Passivearning Fake? We are also going to provide answers of above stated questions. Online earning money now a day’s everyone desire. Yes it is true we are searching different ways we can earn money online. It is not that we know how to earn money online but it seen easy to earn money online. Many websites are using this common thinking for their advantage. If you do not want to read full review then ‘Yes Passivearning is a scam site’. There are many websites like Successhare, Earningood and more are also having the same working like Passivearning. The websites stated are already declared as a scam site in our Avoid Scam list. Do not indulge in this website and avoid it.

Many websites are working are genuine and helping people to earn money. We have also prepared a list of some good which you can visit by clicking the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Passivearning.com Is Passivearning Scam or Legit Is Passivearning Real or Fake Passivearning Review, Passivearning

How Passivearning works?

Websites like Passivearning are very generous towards humanity. They are solving the biggest problem of almost every nation i.e. unemployment. You do not believe it? Yes they are giving job to everybody around the world. They are offering $1 to every referral make by user. The registration is simpler than making an account in Gmail. After registration once you start making referrals the company will start credit your account immediately. The account they credit is the account opened in their website. They are giving $1.5 for every US referrals. Isn’t this amazing? Now you must want to know how much you can earn from all this?  The company claims that it is solely based on your efforts. Many of their top members are earning more than $50 and $1500+ per month. The company policy is very simple when you meet out the minimum payout limit then member can put your request for withdraw. Minimum payout limit is the minimum balance member must acquire before requesting for withdraw of their money. In Passivearning case the minimum payout limit is $100.

Now, does anybody earn any money? No, because no one in their history never reached the threshold of minimum payout. Why, nobody achieve $100 limit when company is paying $1 for every referral? Initially company credit member account properly till $15-$20 after it company reduce the per click rate i.e. earlier they are crediting $1 for every referral after it they are paying $0.50-$0.03 only. Due to drastic fall in the per click rate make it impossible for anyone to reach the threshold limit and put any request for withdraw. Why company is not paying? It is not paying because they have no intention to pay.  Use your wisdom if any company star giving $1 for every click it is not viable for any company to earn revenue for it. If company is not earning any profit then they are also not stupid enough to pay people from their own pocket. Or if they pay as per their claim they are going to be bankrupt very soon. But such websites like Passivearning never gone bankrupt because they never pay to anybody. They do not pay to anyone that is why they are declared as a scam site.

One important fact we all should consider before trusting anyone in the matter of money i.e. information. The owner information is not provided by the website. They also hided their information in WHOIS is record. They are hiding intentionally and this is the most basic feature of the scam sites. Scam sites owner hide themselves so that they cannot be caught by anybody for cheating people. First, they break people trust and second they are using people time to earn revenue for them only. It is both morally and legally wrong.

Such websites ask people to provide their personal information. They use member information to turn it into big data and sell it to third party (anonymously). They are also wanted your financial information for making payment to you. They never pay to anybody and use their financial information to send phishing emails and malware. Hackers’ around the world theft people money through malwares.


Passivearning is purely a scam site and they are not working to help the humanity. It is not possible to deliver what they are promising. They are promising because they have no responsibility to keep their promise. People blindly trust to earn money without knowing about them. It leads to regret for many people. Use your wisdom and do not let anybody make you fool. Avoid such sites and beware of such websites working on the net.

Online earning is not easy but it is simple made by companies like Wealthy Affiliate Company which is working in this field from last 12 years. Many people avail the benefits of their training programs to earn money online from home. If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company then please visit our page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have still any doubt about Passivearning then ask us by commenting in our comment box.