What is PrTo.net? Is PrTo Scam or Legit?

Hello friends if you are reading this article it means you are searching for the PrTo.net website. In this PrTo review, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions like, is PrTo Scam? Or is PrTo Legit? Or is PrTo is Fake? Or is PrTo Real? All questions are imperative because many companies are operating on the internet that is running a scam. PrTo is one of them. If you are not interested to read the whole article then we can provide you the summary of the article in next line. PrTo is a Scam site and we do Not Recommend it the reasons are discussed in the article below. We have reviewed many similar sites on our site like Bestsun, Eurous and other.

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What is Prto.net Is Prto Scam or Legit Is Prto Real or Fake Prto Review, Prto

What is PrTo? How PrTo works?

According to the site, PrTo claims itself a financial affiliate program. They are allowing people to open a free account on the site and the main thing, a balance of $100 is already credit in your account by them to exercise further operations. One can use the fund only to perform the functions and not to cash it out. It is not consumable that an unknown site providing $100 to unknown people. The funds can be used to invest in different companies available on the list of site. You invest some money in the listed company after one day you receive the profit. It is very simple to do and no brain is required to invest money. Yes, you have read it right, ‘no brain is required to invest money on this site’. As we have already told this site is a scam site. They are providing easy methods for people to earn easy money on their site. It is nothing but a different way to scam people. They have provided a way to cash out the money. The scammers not going to leave you simply they trap people in their net very tightly. To cash out 2 conditions needed to be fulfilled. One, members have to make 20 transactions and second, they have to invite 10 people to this site.

Let us explore the PrTo site. It is not an old site but they claim to disperse thousands of dollars which is not possible in a short span of time. Other statistics can be found on the site easily and one common point smoking them is all of them are bogus. It is because no new company can disorder such a huge amount of money in a short period of time.

Everyday PrTo provides a daily bonus on their site to their members and also $2-$5 for making a new affiliate. On this site, you are not kidding any money then what you are losing? Why is it a scam?

Referrals are the very famous method to increase the website traffic and that is why every company uses it and here comes tour role. Since you cannot cash out the money without making referrals it means you are helping them to get new members as well as traffic which ultimately help the scammers. How? We will discuss it later.

The difference between a genuine website and scam website is very simple. The genuine website offers very small affiliate bonus. Another difference is that genuine website pays to its members and scam website does not pay.

How this company operates is a mystery? It is due to company working is very ambiguous. One thing you should underline that you are paying nothing in this website but you are investing your time and resources.

How is the company earning?

As already explained you are investing your time and resources on this site. You are making referrals for them. Referrals increases website traffic such directly help to earn revenue. Increase in traffic help to get Google Adsense. It places ads on the site and ultimately help to get earning. These are the method by which money earned by scammers.

Scammers accumulate people information both personal as well as financial. They turned them into big data and sell it to an anonymous party. They are scammers and they are not ethical people. They are going to use your information for unscrupulous reasons. They can also theft your account by using financial information.

The owner of the site is not known and you will not be able to know him or her. It is because they are hiding their information completely from everywhere. They are operating a scam and they are not an idiot people, therefore, they are hiding information from everywhere. They have also hide the information in WHOIS records which is the most common feature of scam site.


PrTo is a Scam site and the reasons behind it are already discussed. Do not fall into the trap of such sites they are working to scam people and nothing more. Spread the information in your social circle so that no other people get scammed by them.

If you have any doubt regarding PrTo website then feel free to ask. You can drop your comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.


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