Is Pruvit a Scam? – Truth Revealed!!

Hello friends, we welcome all of you to our Pruvit review. If you are reading this article it means you are also looking to join this site or not. There are many companies available online that are providing ways to earn money using their MLM strategy. It makes people get confused. Do not worry then we in this Pruvit review solve some of your doubts like, is Pruvit Scam? Or is Pruvit Legit?

Like you have also heard about this site randomly and did our research to know more about it. We are going to provide all our research and opinion about this site in this article, so keep attention and read carefully.

Still, many people do not want to read the whole article and they are not interested in reasons. For them, we are providing you the crux of this article in the next line. Pruvit is not a scam. They are a genuine company working genuinely. Still, we do Not Recommend it for the earning purpose. Their product might be good and bad. But our article is totally about can you earn money on this site. Selling any product can bring you money but can it turn out to be your fulltime income that is the question.

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What is Is Pruvitnow Scam or Legit Is Pruvitnow Real or Fake Pruvitnow Review, Pruvitnow

What is Pruvit?

It is the real question that we must tackle. Pruvit is the company dealing with the healthcare products and it also offers people a way to earn money by selling their products. The domain Pruvit was registered in 2013 and it was recently updated on 28 March 2015. Jennifer Grace is the owner of this domain which is located in Kentucky under another company name “bHIP Global”. Terry LaCore is the founder of “bHIP Global”. Earlier it was the part of another MLM company name “Rippln” which are collapsed. There are many Rippln members working on this site, for example, Brain Underwood the CEO of Rippln and Michael Rutherford the distributor master. Both of them are now the director of the company name Pruvit.

Pruvit– Products

Keto-OS is the flagship product of Pruvit. It is nothing but a ketone supplement. It is a drink formula.

Pruvit prices:

  • $149 for 30 servings (TUB)
  • $169 for 30 servings (Sachets)
  • $89 for 15 servings (Sachets)

They have different flavors like Chocolate and Orange. Another product is named KETO-OS Max. It comes in Swiss Cacao and Maui Punch. Their products bear option i.e. you want caffeine or caffeine free.

Today, people are very health conscious and due to new lifestyle diseases like obesity create an urge among people to lose weight. Here Ketone supplements come into play. It is clear now their product is needed in the market they have demand also. It makes the work of sellers to sell their product. But they will be going to face a stiff competition.

Some words about the Ketogenic diet

It is high-fat, adequate protein, low carbohydrate diet. In medicine, it is used primarily to treat difficult to control epilepsy in children. This diet force body to burn fats rather than carbohydrate.

Pruvit Compensation Plan

Like any other networking company, the compensation plan of this company is also confusing. You need to understand their working which you will get after spending some time. In simple words, you will get paid for recruiting new members in this business that buys the product first. In the VIP launch, they are charging membership for $350 (it can change also). You can only earn good money if you are an active member. Therefore, to be an active member you have to be on their product auto-ship. Their authorship ranges from $80 for the 15 sachets of Keto-OS to the $140 for the tub. VIP member can avail the discount i.e. 15 sachets for $76 and the tub for $133.

Pruvit Residual Commissions

They have one level and 3 level deep commission. It means the first level is your personal recruit and they line up side by side up to infinity. The second level is your personal member recruit and similarly the third level.

  • Level 1 (Personal Sponsored Members):  $120 per VIP affiliate recruited
  • Level 2: $30 per VIP affiliate recruited
  • Level 3: $10 per VIP affiliate recruited

Verdict on Pruvit

You will find some negative reviews on this site it happens even with most reputed companies because people are not able to work as an active member. They are not able to earn money. Their recruits do not find any motivation and they stop working. For people, especially the newbies that are new in this market facing the tough competition without any skill or training make their earning very hard. People start selling the product to their relating and people they know. It was an old method and does not work at the present time. You need to understand the working and skill to earn money in this market. Due to this reason, we are not recommending this site as well. Your earning will not be much. There are other sites available on the internet that cover this gap and help you to earn a fulltime online income.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Pruvit please share it with us by writing in our comment section. We will be happy to help you out.