What is PTC Bank? Is ptcbank.net Scam or Real?

If you are looking for PTC Bank reviews to find out answers of queries like What is PTC  Bank, Whether PTC Bank Scam or Legit and Whether PTC  Bank real or fake then you are on the right page. In this PTC Bank review, We will talk about PTC Bank background,  PTC Bank complaints,  PTC Bank payment proofs and how does PTC Bank work and many more.

The people who do not want to read our whole review and want to answer very quickly from us about PTC Bank Whether PTC Bank is Scam or not, If so, then we want to tell you that PTC Bank is a SCAM site. You will not get any money from this site, You should stay away from this site. Why this site is not paying and why they are wasting your time, you can find it in our detailed review as given below. We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” List.

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Now, Let’s start our review , So you will find out more reasons to declared it a Scam site.

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What is PTC Bank? Why It is a Scam Company?

PTC Bank is a paid to click site which claims that members can earn money on their site by clicking and viewing ads for some seconds. They also claim that members will earn more money if they refer people to their site. The owner of PTC Bank is James Anderson from USA.  James Anderson was also the owner of BankofPTC which is already shut down. However, PTC Bank domain as “ptcbank.net” was registered on 10 Mar, 2012.

So, Now may be you are thinking that this site is online from long time so it would be paying, But it is not. PTC Bank provide very attractive offer on their site, they claim to offer you $0.10 for each ad you view. Legit PTC sites only pay some cents or more. These type of sites mostly target to the new users who do not know that how PTC sites work. New users think it is a big opportunity to make good money online and fall into their trap. But, these people need to know that money does not come in easy ways. If money is so easy, then everyone will be rich within 1 month by working on these type of sites.

PTC Bank Business Model is Sustainable?

The business mode of PTC Bank is totally unsustainable. They can’t afford the click rate which they are providing on each ad click. PTC sites generate revenue by selling advertisement. PTC Bank sells 1000 PTC ad credits for $1. As this site is giving $0.10 on each ad click, So only in 10 ads, their $1 would be complete. So now question is from where they will pay for the remaining 990 ads?. They are also giving 50% of your referral earning, So who will pay for the referral click? Obviously, No one. This site is not going to make profit from selling advertisement, So it is also clear that PTC bank owner will not pay you from own pocket money.

May be, You are aware or not about Clixsense, But it is one of the best trusted and PTC site, Which only give maximum of $0.02 on each ad click.  PTC Bank sells advertisment like other legit PTC sites, But click rate is very high in PTC Bank compared to any other legit PTC sites.

PTC bank is differnt from other scam PTC websites. Other Scam PTC sites are making money by selling membership, But that is not in the case of PTC bank. In PTC Bank, The minimum cash out limit is set to $100. PTC Bank allow members to upgrade their account only when they get their first $100 payment. But, Will you receive your payment  from this company? then  answer is no, you will not be going to paid by this company. When you request for your first payment then your account will be closed or they will say that the username does not exist in their database.

Now, May be you are thinking why this site is wasting your time and effort, If this is not taking any money from you. This site is making money the time you promote this website. They get lot of free traffic to the ads which they display on their website. So without paying anything, they are getting good number of traffic on their other product link. You will also waste your money on promoting this site, because this will not pay you for the work you did on their website.

Payment Poofs and  Complaints

On their website, You will find payment proof section. When you will visit this section and see payment proof then you will think that site is paying, But in reality, It is not. All the payment proofs  on their site are completely fake. Any one can show anything on their website,This site is online for more than 5 years but If you search around the internet you will not found a single payment proof.

PTC Bank also have a forum, but members can not publish post there. So the members who join this site does not find any negative feedback about the site and they think this site is good for work. But, if you search on the internet you will find many complaints from PTC Bank members for not getting paid. This site does not pay to any of its members and it will also never pay you because it based on unsustainable business model. So , You should stay away from this site and the site which follow the same business model.


PTC Bank is 100% SCAM company. They can not afford the click rate they are providing,  So we recommend you to stay away from this site.

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If you have been scammed by PTC Bank or want to ask any question about PTC Bank, then, Please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.

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