What is Publiclikes.com? Is Publiclikes Scam?

What is Publiclikes.com? Is Publiclikes Scam?

If you are looking for Publiclikes reviews in order to know about what is Publiclikes, Whether Publiclikes Scam or not and Whether Publiclikes Real or Fake, If so, then you are on the right page. In this Publiclikes review, We will discuss about Publiclikes background, Publiclikes business plans and many other important topic.

The user who don’t want to read our full review and want answer in very short from us then we do not recommend Publiclikes becuase it is not a good site . Business model of Publiclikes is completely unsustainable  and they can’t sustain for long run. Why Publiclikes business model is unsustainable and why we do not recommend this company, You can read that in our detail Publiclikes review as given below.

Let’s start our Publiclikes review as given below.

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What is Publiclikes? And why we do not recommend it?

There is no information given on their website about who owns or runs Publiclikes. More than that, They also registered their domain name Publiclikes .com priavtely, So it is hard to tell who is behind this site. Many sites owner use this technique to not come upfront of their members. They don’t come upfront of their members when their intention is not good or they want to scam with their site. They also hide their real identity if they are connected with the past scams. So there is always a risk to work on those sites in which owner details are not clearly given and that is the case with Publiclikes.

Publiclikes gives $0.1 on each ad click or like, Which is totally a bogus rate for paid to click site. Legit sites only pay from $0.01 to $0.02 for each ad click, Clixsense is world’s biggest PTC site, Which only pay up to  $0.02 per click. These type of sites generate revenue from selling advertisement. Many legit PTC sites sell 1000 clicks at the rate of $5, It means they are giving  $0.005 to you on each ad click. But as we compare to Publiclikes they are giving $0.1 on each ad click, it means to purchase same 1000 clicks of ads for Publiclikes , Advertiser need to pay $100. So why advertiser need to pay additionally $95, If they are getting same number of ads only for $5 in legit sites.

If you are an advertiser in which site you will purchase clicks? The site which is legit and very popular and sell 1000 clicks only in $5  or You will purchase the clicks in the site which is very new and not popular yet and sell 1000 clicks for $100. Obviously, You will choose the site which is legit and sells clicks on cheaper rate. There is no advertiser who is going to pay that much amount of money to Publiclikes, So from where they will generate the money which they are claiming to give their members. We can also think that site is good if they have some additional income sources, But they don’t have. Publiclikes  provides some business plans in which if member invest they can earn more daily. But Publiclikes business model is totally unsustainable, So it is clear that they are running a ponzi scheme behind their business plans in which they will pay the old members from the money invested by new members and which will be collapse very soon.


Publiclikes business model is totally unsustainable. They can not afford the click rate they are providing, So we recommend you to stay away from this site.

If you want to say anything about Publiclikes or have any question about any other online work, Please feel free to ask us by dropping your comment below. We are happy to help you.