Is Purium a Scam? Or a Health Product MLM Company!!

Hello friends, recently we came to know about a new MLM site name Purium. This article is going to provide you the Purium Review.

Here, we want to appreciate your effort to know how such sites work and doing your own research.

As we all know online marketing is a new and huge market for everyone to grow. The potential of this market is not yet scratched. Many companies working to utilize this market and they are doing well by launching their own websites.

Product: Purium

Founder: Dave Sandoval

Summary: It is one of the multi-level marketing company who sells the product related to health and diet. It was founded by Dave Sandoval. It is not a scam site. But a legit one. Still, we do Not Recommend this site for earning money. You can earn on this site but not much. You can earn a fulltime income in a different arena, which is also available on the internet.

Recommended: No

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Is Purium a Scam Or a Health Product MLM Company!!

What is Purium?

Purium is site dealing with health products which approach life in a holistic way.  Their products are based on Naturopathy. Their flagship product is “10 Day Transformation Program”. The site shout on their site “The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet”.

Products of Purium

Their flagship program i.e. “10 Day Transformation Program”. This program helps you the chance to lose 5 to 20 pounds. It will improve your metabolism in 10 days i.e. why the name “10 Day Transformation Program”. Their kit includes the product of their company, a gym bag, tape measure, and instructional guide.

The Purium Health has more than 100 products which can fall into the following categories:

  1. Athletes- to enhance their performance they have shakes and supplements as per the requirement. They have a 10-day Transformation Program specifically designed for athletes.
  2. Anti-Aging – Supplements, skin creams. Some products specifically made for your joint health, heart health, and other specific parts of the body.
  3. Weight Loss – Shakes, supplements, meal replacements.
  4. Greens- organic juices, supplements from different green plants.
  5. Family Nutrition- in this line, they have means and other children products to offer.

Purium Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of every MLM company is same i.e. confusing. We will try our best to help you. MLM companies generally offer two ways to earn money: first, you can sell the product by selling in retail. Or you can make new recruits and earn a commission.

Purium has a Gift Card Marketing System. Here, they give members a set of $50 gift card to distribute at their discretion. Distributors do not have to pay for the Gift Card but they do not receive any money until the gift cards were redeemed by people for a 10 Day Transformation Kit. At this point, you make $50 which can even bring a big check or pay.

Handing out gift cards can make it quick and easy to sign up new members. It allows you to grow the network under you. It will ultimately increase the income you make on purchases made by others. They offer some bonuses and incentives to its distributors as they go up in the hierarchy, you can see the list of the bonuses available on their site.

Pros about Purium:

Gift Cards: the gift card system lessen the pressure upon the distributors as they are not making a sale, they are merely handing out the opportunities to others to utilize the gift cards.

Training and Support material: the company has provided some basic training and support material to its distributors that can help them to use the gift card judiciously so that they can turn it into economic benefit and help them to build their own business.

Naturopathy: their products are mostly based on the principle of naturopathy.  They offer free nutritional consultations to it members.

Certified organic product: the Purium Health Products are certified organic. This is something which health conscious people look after. It also confirms the seriousness of the company, creating and selling the healthy product.

Cons about Purium:

Expensive product: even though their products are good but they are not of their worth. In the healthcare sector already many players have entered and many of them have very good quality and yet their price is reasonable.

The program not backed by any clinical research: as you know their flagship program is 10-day Transformation, they use every product to align with it. But their program does not have any backing of proof or clinical research. No research yet have been proved their claims.

Some side effect: since the company is designed their product to flush toxins from the body and so certain side effect is expected. Some people have a complaint against the side effect of the 10Day Program (it might be because our body is different and we react differently to different things).

Unresolved Complaints: we have come to witness Purium unresolved complaints that are filed with Better Business Bureau. These complaints are not much but their inability to solve or resolve those complaints put the question on their intent.

More than 90% of distributors fail to earn good money:

The most common and general problem among the distributors is that they start with their know people. Their list of known people gets saturated after some time. They were not able to earn further which lose their confidence. They stop working and blame others for their problem.

So what is need is that first, you must learn the skill of online marketing which is not available on this site. MLM companies just want you to sell their product for them and since you do by selling the products to your relatives it helps in the beginning only.


Purium is not a Scam site and it is much legit. But it is not advisable for our part to work for this company if you are a newbie. If you are an expert in digital marketing or know how to sell then you can earn money but for others, it will still remain a dream to earn a very good money from this site. How can you make money then?

Well, this is where our no. 1 recommended company, the Wealthy Affiliate comes into the picture. They have various training programs and online services that help you to boost your online marketing skill and earning by following their instructions. They are way better than their contemporaries as we have witnessed many people earning a fulltime online income by using their help. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding the Purium site please share it with us. You can write to us in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.


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