Pursue desire to earn legit money? Pureprofile Review

In the era of globalization the growth is touching the skies. Products, food, services, lifestyle, education and many things are changing with a fast pace. In the present time the liking for various products and services are also changing with a blink of an eye. Therefore internet is playing major role in sorting the things out. It is helping the companies to understand the requirements and needs of the people.

For this purpose the invention of surveys is developed so that the companies can get in touch with the mind and thoughts of the customers.

Recently we came across a survey panel namely Pureprofile which claims to pay legit money to their customers. The question arises whether Pureprofile legitimacy extends to the limit of covering vast people or just a trick played by the scammers.

In this article we will cover all the major prospects and conclude whether Pureprofile is legit or not.

Pursue desire to earn legit money? Pureprofile Review

What is Pureprofile?

Basically, Pureprofile is a survey platform which is in existence from last 10 years and has been featured in various leading outlets like The Australians, The Daily Telegraph, HuffPost, 7News and various other outlets which bring company and common people together.

The company Pureprofile is very popular which allows people to earn legit money by conquering surveys. People interested can join the company in free and can become an important part of Pureprofile.

By being one of the members of Pureprofile the members can become advisor by providing valuable comments and suggestions about the products and services of the participating companies who have invested a larger amount to acknowledge the trend in today’s generation.

Therefore participating in surveys will influence the decisions in the world of industry. Hence you can additional amount by taking surveys.

Becoming a member of Pureprofile you must be mandatorily 15 years of age. The company has its existence in 38 countries including New Zealand, US, UK, India, Greece, China, Canada, Thailand, Chile and many more. The list is already been provided by the company in the official website.

How Pureprofile does tend to work?

As mentioned above joining Pureprofile is absolutely free and simple to use. Firstly you will have to create an account and select your residing country. Then enter your name and provide your email address. Thereafter you will have to verify your submitted email and confirm it by clicking on the link provided.

Then in the next step you will have to answer some questions in order to complete your demographic profile. Some of the questions raised are education status, employment, marital status, annual income, number of persons, etc. On the basis of your demographic profile your account will be categorized in to specific heads.

Whenever your profile matches available survey then the company Pureprofile will send you invitation for the survey through email.

After you accept the invitation for the survey you will have to go through screening test which will determine your entry to the survey.

If you wish to operate the survey panel through the ease and comfort then you can also install the Pureprofile application.


For checking out the available surveys you will have to click on the option “Surveys” and choose the best suited one for you. There are times when you will start taking the survey and the company will ask you to leave the page because of the reason that you are not an ideal candidate.

Majority of the surveys fetch 10 – 45 minutes of your valuable time. Before taking the survey  you will have to get through a screening test where if you qualify you will be taken to the survey otherwise you will select other survey for luck.

The pay rate and the maximum time required to complete the survey will be represented in the headline so that the members can stake their decision then and there. Surveys which last longer tend to pay more money. Even people residing in developed countries like US, UK and Australia receive high pay rates.


The moment you complete the surveys your account will be credited with the presented amount. As we are aware of the fact that more surveys we conquer the more money we can fetch by investing our valuable time. Once you reach the minimum threshold set by the company Pureprofile you can redeem the hard earned money via bank account, eGift cards and the most reliable source of payment i.e. PayPal.

The minimum limit for redemption varies from country to country. For instance the minimum limit in UK is £20 which can only be redeemed either through bank transfer or eGift cards.

Remember to complete the procedure of verification of your submitted email in order to receive the payment on time.

For being paid through bank transfer or PayPal you should wait for at least 30 business days after the submission of payment request.

Many times you will earn $0.80 – $1 if you qualify the screening test and entre the survey. Probably you can complete 1 or 2 surveys in a day. And approximately you can manage to make $20 – $25 in a week. But this could only be possible when you are serious of making money with Pureprofile and provide honest reviews.


  • Fortunately the company provides referral program which can shoot up your earnings.
  • Joining Pureprofile is hassle free and straightforward.
  • The money earned can be redeemed via PayPal, bank transfer and eGift cards.
  • Luckily an application is also available for this survey platform.


  • Reaching the minimum limit is quite tough.
  • The company does not provid4e any sign up commission.
  • Qualifying screening test is very difficult just like traditional survey panels.
  • Processing of payments through PayPal and bank transfer take up to 30 business days.


In our final verdict we conclude that Pureprofile is a legitimate and trustworthy survey panel which allows people to earn additional money.

The company is working in a good way but definitely we agree to the point that the income potential is very low.

We recommend Pureprofile survey panel to our readers but if you wish to fetch additional amount in your pocket then you must consider other survey panels also to reach your goal.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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