Is PxBee A Site Worth Trying? Read This To Find Out!

Is PxBee A Site Worth Trying? Read This To Find Out! happens to be a comparatively new photo website which provides the photographers with an opportunity of generating cash by selling photos online. Amateur, as well as professional photographers from across the world, are able to get enrolled in this site and sell photographs which have been captured by them with the help of cameras or mobile devices. It might be the fact that you have already tried selling your photos and stock images on other sites and did not attain much success because of excessive competition, and in that case, it will not be a bad idea to try out this new site as well. In fact, the company is making an effort to advertise the photographs of all individuals out there so that they are able to market their images successfully on the web.

How does PxBee work?

It will be imperative to sign up for this site in case you happen to be a photographer or a purchaser. After joining this site, it will be possible for you to upload new photographs to your account. Every single image will be reviewed with the company which you have uploaded to PxBee. However, it is imperative for these images to fit the guidelines prescribed by the company before they are displayed for sale.

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When will PxBee make payment?

There a couple of parts when it comes to the net balance in your PxBee account, namely, expected funds and settled funds. While the settled funds are going to updated after a period of one month, these are the ones which are going to be cashed out. On the other hand, the expected funds which are also known as unsettled funds are held so that they can be adjusted prior to becoming “settled”. Expected funds cannot be withdrawn at any cost.

A PayPal account will be needed to receive the payment made by PxBee. The good thing is that you can request a payment as and when you like. However, a transaction fee is going to be deducted from the cash withdrawn by you.

What images are going to be accepted by PxBee?

Submitting photographs will be of no use in case they are rejected by the company. In fact, it is essential to stick to some guidelines while doing so. Below, we have mentioned some essential guidelines that should be maintained by you while submitting photographs.

  1. PxBee will only accept themed images having a clear subject as well as a detailed expression.
  2. These images have to be appropriate for any design project out there. It is imperative for those images to be tidy and clean having a simple background while displaying bright shades as well.
  3. The company likewise accepts any real-life moment captured in a natural way.
  4. The images must have various types of artistic expressions along with a visual.
  5. The company will likewise accept a photograph which has been captured from a type of perspective which is innovative.

What photos are going to be rejected?

  1. You should not submit any photograph to the site for approval in case you have not captured it yourself.
  2. It is important for every photograph to be at least 800 px. In case the image size is less than that it will be rejected by the company.
  3. Never upload any photograph having borders, watermark, sticker, text, or any other additional element.
  4. Images containing illegal or sensitive content materials will likewise not be accepted.
  5. In case there is an excessive amount of digital noise in the photo, it will also be rejected.
  6. Any blurred image or those of low resolution will be rejected by the company.
  7. Photographs which are either over exposed or under exposed will not be accepted.
  8. Never try to blur any part of the photo or add any post effect to it.

Photo licenses:

  1. PxBee permission will be required by every contributor for licensing their images.
  2. Every image offered on the site must comply with the terms and conditions of the license which is purchased by the buyer.
  3. There are 3 types of licenses offered by the site – RF (Royalty-Free), Subscription as well as One Time license.
  4. These licenses must support commercial usage.
  5. In case a photograph having the identical size and identical type of image is marketed as a Royalty-Free license, it is going to be priced higher out there. These photographs will be more flexible to use.
  6. In case a Subscription license is being ordered by a person, it will be the most affordable way of using multiple images. Nevertheless, this particular license will be valid only during the subscription period. Consequently, it will be imperative to renew the subscription in case the individual likes to continue using these photographs.
  7. A One-Time license will enable the purchaser to embed his photograph as a design element which is a portion of a particular design. The person will require using an online toolset for doing this.


In case the question arises in your mind, “Is PxBee legit or is PxBee scam?” this in-depth PxBee review should be able to provide you with the correct answer. There is no doubt about the fact that PxBee happens to be a 100% genuine and legitimate company which will allow anybody to sign up and sell their photographs on the web. These photographs will be approved by the company in case they fulfill the prescribed guidelines and the photographers will be able to generate revenues for that. The site is comparatively new as compared to most of the other similar sites on the web and it will provide both a mature as well as a professional photographer was with a unique opportunity of selling their images successfully.

In case you are searching for any site for marketing your photographs and earning money as well, then PxBee will be the one for you. You’ll be able to earn a revenue share from the site and the money will be based on how many images you manage to sell minus the fees and the taxes. Therefore, do not think twice and sign up for this site today! Bear in mind that no minimum balance will be required in your PxBee account for requesting payment. It will be possible to withdraw funds to your PayPal account anytime you like.