Whether QOR is legit survey panel or not? QOR Review

Your research has found its destination and you are right stuck. There are various survey panels which pay passive income to their members. But yes we cannot turn our face from those platforms which are developed totally for the purpose of scamming people. Hence, we congratulate you all for your effort and self care.

Recently we came across another survey panel namely QOR whose operation is limited within the boundaries of Australia and New Zealand.

Therefore the question arises whether QOR is legit platform or just a scam played by corrupted developers. Through this source of content we will provide your trustful and honest opinion.

Whether QOR is legit survey panel or not? QOR Review

What is QOR survey panel?

This survey platform is running since 2009 and was developed by an Australian investigating panel called Quality Online Research LTD.

According to the claims of the company the pay rate is very high and panelist can earn money by completing surveys. Therefore the opinions shared by the members influence the decisions of the participating companies by placing comments and suggestions towards the products and services.

For being one of the members of QOR you must be a resident of Australia and New Zealand for starting with the surveys.

As mentioned above that the company QOR is been operating since 2009 and it’s been 10 years of its working then also it is not much known within the country. In simpler words the platform range is not widened. Therefore we cannot claim the legitimacy of the company; we need to go a bit more in depth.

How does QOR tend to work?

It seems to be that the company is quite unclear about their perspective of joining members because the potential members cannot join the survey panel until and unless they get an invitation.

On the top of it there is no registration form valid or something where you can drop down your email. Thereafter joining after the invitation you will be required to answer some of the questions in order to complete your profile. This demographic profile is important in order to find ideal surveys which suits your profile.

Once the survey suits your profile the company will send you the invitation for the survey through an email. Then prior getting started with the surveys you will have to go through a screening test where some of the questions will be raised demanding your personal information like education, marital, employment, annual income, etc. In this test you will have to qualify in order to get started with the survey. It is advisable to provide honest answers to maintain a good profile. In case of rejection you can try for other upcoming surveys on your way.

QOR is like other panels where it is very much normal to face rejections and that too many times uncountable. Therefore it is preferable to be patient and honest while dealing with the surveys.

Majority of the times surveys fetch 5 – 15 minutes of your valuable time and render you from $0.50 – $1.50 which I believe is not called passive earning.


Once you accumulate $30 in your QOR account you can submit your request for payment. After the approval you will receive payment via PayPal which is considered the most reliable source of payments.


  • Joining QOR is absolutely free which means no cost is incurred by the potential members.
  • The members can choose to get paid via PayPal, eGift cards and Cheques.
  • The surveys are quick and simple to complete.


  • The platform is valid only for the residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Joining can be completed only when you receive the invitation.
  • You will get disqualified many a times.
  • Reaching minimum threshold is very much tough.


In our final verdict we conclude that QOR is a legit survey panel which allows its members to earn through taking simple and easy surveys and influencing the market by their opinions. Instead of its legitimacy we do not recommend QOR to our readers because firstly the company is not well known which directly means that though it’s working since 2009 people do not know much about it. Secondly the directors do not have a clear vision regarding the registration of the members.

Therefore it’s not worth time. Hence we do not recommend QOR to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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