What is Questra World? Is QuestraWorld Scam?

If you are searching for the Questra World review or the Questra Holding Review then your search as well as research also ends here. In this Questra World and Questra Holding review, we are going to use only Questra World only. Both the sites are same company and their working is also same. So it will be convenient to use one name instead of two. There must be some questions in your mind regarding Questra World that like, is Questra World Scam? Or is Questra World Legit? Or is Questra World Real? Or is Questra World Fake? In this review you will get the answers of the stated questions. If you are not really interested in the working of this company and does not bother about to the points on which our review is based then we can offer you the brief of this review. We do “Not Recommend” Questra Wolrd. It is because we promote and recommend only good sites. There are many complaints against Questra World has been submitted in different authorities. They are working on illegal scheme known as Ponzi scheme. This is the scheme in which company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. This is not the good way to conduct any kind of business. There are various websites already working on Ponzi scheme and they just get collapse after some time soon. The company is going to run away with people money.

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What is QuestraWorld.es Is QuestraWorld Scam or Legit Is QuestraWorld Real or Fake QuestraWorld Review, QuestraWorld

How does Questra world work and complaints against it?

As we have told that the company is working in the Ponzi scheme. In this scheme, the company pays to its member from the money deposited by the new members and it is not the genuine way to work. But we have already told you that about this site. This company got lots of warning from the concerned authorities of different countries simply because of operating illegally. The company is claiming to pay up to 312% of return or Return on Investment (ROI) per year to the investors. In reality, it is not possible no genuine company will claim to pay such a huge ROI. If they are paying then they are not working genuinely or working illegally. We can say that because there are many great banks and companies are working in the world. The legit big business houses never do such things because they know they cannot deliver high ROI to their investors. Therefore, they always provide 5-8% on the investor return per annum. Now you can see the difference between the 312% and 8% per annum. The Questra World does not have any sources of income other than receiving investments from the investors. Therefore, they are going to pay the interest or ROI on the member’s investment. It is nothing but the working of the Ponzi scheme.

As aforementioned, the Questra World Company was earlier known as Questra Holding. Their previous domain name was “quesra.es”, it is not working anymore. Later, in September 2016, Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority issued a regulatory warning to the Questra Holding Company. Maybe due to this kind of warning the Questra Holdings has changed their name to the Questra World and their domain name also got a chance to “questraowrld.es”. According to Belgian authorities, they got the warning because they’re working as an illegal business model which has an appearance of being the Pyramidial type or Ponzi scheme.

The Questra World does not prove their source of income and they are still lacking the transparency and legitimacy.  They failed to prove their verifiable source of revenue. The only source available for them is to receive an investment from the investors or members.

Time to time many different concerned authorities from different countries has release warnings against the Questra World. The company is facing many legal warning and issues. Belgium Financial Authorities are not alone in this matter. Austria Financial Market Authority has issued investor warning against Questra World. The Questra World has claimed that they are an advertising broker. They promote the Atlantic Global Asset Management, the company that gives weekly ROI of 6.47% on deposits. This got them the place in the warning list of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.


We do Not Recommend Questra World on our site. They are not good sites. All the reasons and arguments are already discussed in the above paragraphs. We think that you have understood that the company is good or bad. But still if you really want to invest your time and resources on this site then you can, in the end, you are the real master of your money. We advise you to keep a distance from this site and avoid it. Also, beware people in your social circle about it. It is so because why we chose a company upon whose many concerned authorities have filed a complaint. There are lots of legit and trusted companies working on the internet which can help you to earn money online

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If you have any question regarding the Questra World, please mention it in our comment box. We will be happy to hear you.

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