Want to utilize your skills to earn money? Quicktate Review

Working all over internet provides you hundreds of opportunities to earn. You can take surveys, tasks, download apps, and watch videos to earn money from certain websites. But there are some companies who hire freelancers for doing writing tasks and transcribing. Transcription has become one of the well known legit ways to earn money in the recent past.

In this review we will analyze whether quicktate is legitimate transcription site or another way to dupe innocent people. Well if you people are not much familiar with Transcribing then for the fact, you are given a job where you have to listen an audio and type whatsoever you have listened. You are paid per word you write. Whether Quicktate is a trustful site or scam?

Want to utilize your skills to earn money? Quicktate Review

What is Quicktate?

Well, for a word Quicktate is a transcription company which hires work-from-home employees to work as their freelancer transcriber. Precisely, you are paid per word and even your ratio depends on the document you are transcribing.

For instance we can see that Quicktate is a legit with scare complaints against payment issues or working of the company. As we can guess this situation as for the company is running its operations since 2008.

How much Quicktate pays?

As with the research we catch that company pays ¼ cent per word for general and legal transcription while ½ cents per word for per word for medical transcription. Therefore the pay rate is much below the rate professional transcribers receives.

Methods for payment:

The company uses PayPal is major payment method which is more reliable. Every week of Monday the payments are processed while in case it occurs to be a holiday then the payments are made on Tuesdays.

Who uses Quicktate?

It seems that Quicktate is basically for two types of people. One category is the businesses and organizations who want to hire transcribers.  While others are the ones who are looking  opportunities to make money online.

Businesses and organizations hire transcribers as freelancers who provide their service by transcribing phone calls, legal documents, medical documents, recordings, etc. The company also provides possibility for the clients to check the service of transcribers by giving clients $5 credit for their first transcription.

Other category who uses Quicktate is people finding online jobs to make money online. The company provides various transcription jobs available for people who wish to use.

The company claims that users are paid per word and length of the file. The pay rate may vary according to the documents you wish to transcribe – legal or medical.

How to work with Quicktate.com?

As we know that Quicktate provides jobs as freelance transcriber. It provides variety of opportuntites to the people to make moneyn online.

To apply as user you must fulfill certain requirements:

  • A windows computer or a Mac Pro.
  • You also need professionalism in providing accurate spelling and punctuation.
  • A connected high speed internet.
  • Preferable 6 – 80 per minute typing speed.
  • Effectiveness in listening to the audio files and recordings.

Once you get through all these requirements you are all set to become the user of Quicktate.com. After fulfilling these necessities you can apply to the company by browsing their application page and fill out the details required.  After the application form you need to pass a typing test to proceed forward in the application process. Nearby a time period of 2 weeks you will receive your results and you will be informed whether you are selected by the Quicktate.com or not?

It is even mandatory for you to pay $15 to the company for a background check. The company will investigate whether the information you filled are accurate or reckless. For this you should not have a criminal record In particular.

After passing background, you will receive a letter from the company informing that you are now a legitimate member of the company and you can log in your account according to your wish.

Hence, the files you wish to work on are to be chosen by you. The differences between files are their length.

What points are liked by the users?

  • The first thing that is positive about Quicktate.com is that it is available for all the people around the world. People all over the worldwide have the freedom to grab this availing opportunity lying in their way.
  • Second thing which makes Quicktate.com more legit company is that the company provides flexibility to its users. You are absolutely not burdened to work according to any strict schedule, or to complete specific amount of transcriptions in a week or a month. You are totally independent to choose your own working hours and workload you wish to take.

What I disliked about Quicktate.com?

  • Though the company does not charge money from you for becoming a freelance transcriber but you have to submit $15 to the company for your background check. Therefore grabbing money from you is an upsell which will not be mentioned in the website page.
  • The second thing which we do not like about Quicktate.com is low potential income. If we talk about transcription jobs then the pay rate is comparatively very low.
  • Even the customer service is not very effective. There are so many complaints regarding the service of the company from the members of Quicktate.com that the response system of the company is very slow and does not take any action for the concerns and issues of the users.


After reviewing all the points that we mentioned we conclude that Quicktate.com a legit company with 0% scam. There are proofs of people receiving payments by the company.

Do we recommend?

Definitely, Quicktate.com is a legit company but the hovering complaints are the fact that the company is not the worth working for. If you people are looking for ways to earn decent money to pay your rent or electricity bill then you probably are wrong to use this platform for your wishes.

Yes for sure this opportunity is available for the people worldwide and they can enjoy it to the fullest but the income potential is very low.  Therefore your pay rate will depend on the word basis and you can only expect some cents for it.

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If you wish to clear doubts hovering over your mind then please feel free to comment in the section below.


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