Warn to earn by answering quizzes?Quizdom.com Review

Warn to earn by answering quizzes?Quizdom Review

If you are an internet person and love to play games especially if they bring cash in your way then, we are here to help you find an app which is more suitable. Lately, I have come across an application which giveaway cash prizes for playing games.

These days the trend of earning money through playing games has gone viral in past recent years. Quizdom has become popular trivial game application which is already been installed by more than 5 million people. But the point arises that whether Quizdom is a legit application or just another scam app to dupe innocent people.

What is Quizdom app about?

Well, Quizdom is a free application for want to make money via scratch cards and slot machines by solving various quizzes and playing more games.

The game page is divided with different categories: Guess the song, Music quiz, Logo quiz, Movie quiz, Proverbs quiz, etc. As far as you seem progressing you will have to unlock many levels in each of the category.  Well it pretty seems that the more you play the more you tend to catch but might it not be the same case with Quizdom.

Warn to earn by answering quizzes?Quizdom Review

How does Quizdom works?

Specifically, the company claims that this platform is only available for people who are above 12. Besides, the app is absolutely free to use. It can be downloaded from any of the sources either Google Play Store or App Store.

The moment you think of opening the application for the purpose of using it, the company will ask to give it an access to your phone photos, files and data. The prime consequence may be when you do not stop reading the Terms and Services and Privacy Policy of the company and straightforwardly accepts them.

After that you will be filled with two of the proposals set by the company. This will be two diamond membership one which will cost you $7.99 and other will cost you$$12.99 per month. In both the cases you will give 3 days’ free trail.

How Diamond Membership does looks like?

If you agree to pull your stop at Diamond Membership then you will be given an access to avail these benefits mentioned below:

  • You will receive 500 coins on a daily basis.
  • The game you plan to play, all the levels of respective will be unlocked.
  • You can even grab the opportunity to remove the ads.
  • You will receive exclusive and undivided rewards.
  • You can also do lot of free spinning.
  • And many more things will come in your way.

By applying for such a membership many people tend to provide the company their credit card details. So therefore it is advisable for all our readers to understand that researching is a must-go option if you plan on doing something new over internet.

This is how scammers get end of it when they don’t end with lot of sources. Therefore, the company does not have FAQ section of their own. This means that there is no explanation provided regarding the coins and its usage.


Playing trivia game:

The company offers you 16 different quiz categories from which you have to select any one for playing. After answering some quizzes you will be render chest roulette and you will be liable to win cash rewards and coins. But the catch is that you have watched the 30 seconds advertisement. As there are many more adverstiments during the journey of Quizdom and these ads videos consume a lot of data and dehydrate mobile battery.

Even the company provides its users a golden chance to win cash rewards and coins. After every level you complete you will be given cash roulette to grab extra rewards in your account.

You can even add coins by playing scratch cards and free wheels. It sees that free wheels are kind of rigid as they tend to stop always at less rewarding points like 1x pass. But every time you wish to use scratch card or spin wheel you have to mandatorily watch 30 seconds advertisement video.

Therefore to reach at the threshold $10 is nearly impossible to reach.  Due to this low income potential point the company has stooped itself from achieving 5 stars by its customers. But seemingly it appears that the app is developed in such a way so that all the levels are stormed by the users at slow pace.

Daily basis rewards:

The company provides you an opportunity to grab daily rewards. During the initial part every day i.e. for consecutive seven days the company will give you rewards 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 250 coins. Therefore these rewards can even be doubled if you watch an ad video.

Quizdom shop:

The application provides various in-apps which you can purchase as they range from $0.99 to $20.  Even in this blog there is an option to remove ads at $1.99. Alienation of ads would save time which could rather be utilized to answer more quizzes.

Cash out limit:

The company offers to precede your request for payment only after your account reaches $10. After the acceptance of your request you can withdraw the money either by using PayPal option or e-cards like Nike, Amazon, Walmart and many more.

Good factors:

  • The company offers trivia games with lots of options for games and a platform to answer quizzes.

Bad factors:

  • The company has not provided an FAQ section for the user benefit.
  • The amount of coins tends to stop to be added in the account before the user reaches the threshold limit.

Is Quizdom a scam?

Definiely, in our point of view Quizdom is a scam site. It is ver mch visble that the ratings tends to become slower and we can see a drastic plunge in the winning rates. Even the company will trash your collected coins if you do not reach the cash out limit within 6 months. Initially, the users will earn more but with time their earnings will become slower.


Therefore after considering the facts we highly doubt the legitimacy of the company. Hence, we do not recommend Quizdom to our present and potential readers.

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If you hovering with any doubts and queries then please feel free to comment in section below.