What is Radiuniverse.com? Is It Scam Or Legit?

What is Radiuniverse.com? Is It Scam Or Legit?

Are you curious to know about the Radiuniverse.com? You are reading the right article to get the insight of Radiuniverse website. In this Radiuniverse review, we will answer some generally asked questions also like, is Radiuniverse Scam? Or is Radiuniverse Legit? Or is Radiuniverse Fake? Or is Radiuniverse Real? Music has the power of soothing that work as a stress buster. The present technology brings music in our pockets (in smartphones). The music industry is also a billion dollar sector. Everyday uncountable numbers of songs are releasing around the globe. The Radiuniverse is the website which offers you a platform to listen to music of any country on their website. If you are not interested in reading the whole article and do not have any interest to know about the reasons behind our arguments then we can cut it short for you. Radiuniverse is a fraudulent website. It is not a good website to listen to music. We have also added  Radiuniverse in our ‘scam list‘. They have some discrepancies in their working and way of dealing their members that we are going to discuss later in this article.

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What is Radiuniverse.com Is Radiuniverse Scam or Legit Is Radiuniverse Real or Fake Radiuniverse Review, Radiuniverse

Why Radiuniverse is a Scam Website?

The trust is built on the edifice of the information and transparency offered by any company in its working. The Radiuniverse website does not believe in this thought. The company does not offer their information to its members. The company owner is hiding his/her information from the members. There is no real person working on this website. We can say because the company official website does not talk about any of its employees. We tried to find out the details of the owner of the website. We failed because the company details are guarded in WHOIS records. The hiding information in WHOIS records is the nature of scam and fraudulent websites. It simply points out that the Radiuniverse Company is not working legibly. The genuine companies never hide their information because their credibility depends on their transparency level. Only scam and non-legit companies hide from their members.

If you try to contact the company to place your complaint then the link they have provided in their ‘About Us’ will direct you to some page which does not exist. Therefore, it simply means that they are just trying to fool people and want to earn as much as revenue from them.

The Radiuniverse website claim to the user that they can get an access to more than 900 national and international channels of music around the globe. The users have to use their credit card to purchase the package offered by the Radiuniverse. What happens on this website is that the company is offering free trial period of 7 days. After 7 days they will charge you according to their plan i.e. $49.99 per month. Before starting the free trial, the company asks its members to provide their credit card details. After your trial period got over, the company will automatically turn your free account into a monthly subscription by debiting the money from your credit card.

Since the Radiuniverse is a fraudulent company, therefore do not share your credit card details with this website or any other fraudulent or scam website. The company takes the advantage of credit card details and debit unnecessary money from your credit card which is not ethical. They also charge you one dollar to confirm your details and account. Here, the company is trying to have a legit and real people on their website. They are debiting one dollar to verify the details of members but they did not provide any quantum of information (genuine information) on their website. From here you can understand the non-legit nature of this company. They are trying to fool people.

If you are a new user or thinking to use this website services then we advise you to avoid this website. If someone already become a member and also provided the credit card details to the website, then you should immediately contact your credit card company to stop payment on the account of the Radiuniverse Company.


Radiuniverse is not a genuine website. It is a scam and futile to use. There are many websites that are genuine and provide almost every song around the world on their website. You can use those legit websites. Never provide your credit card details to those websites that did not provide genuine information and hide their information.

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If you have any doubt about Radiuniverse website, please feel free to share it with us. We will be happy to help you.