What is Rainhash.biz? Is Rainhash Scam or Legit?

What is Rainhash.biz? Is Rainhash Scam or Legit?

Are you curious to know about the Rainhash.biz, then you are reading the right page to get the answers of your questions regarding Rainhash site. There are many ponzi sites working on the internet in various ways to make money for them. Here, question arises that, Is Rainhash real or fake? Or Is Rainhash legit or Scam? We have provided the detailed Rainhash review in our article. This article will gave readers the answers of many important questions regarding this site.

Meanwhile, if you want to save your time and need immediate answer. We do not recommend this site because this is purely a ponzi site which pays its existing members from the money invested by new members. This is the general way ponzi scheme works.

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How does Rainhash.biz works and reasons why we do not recommend it?

Rainhash claims to give different investment plans with very high interest on daily basis. There investment plans work like this: 12% interest daily on minimum deposit of 0.001BTC and maximum deposit of 5 BTC. In their site you can invest up to 100BTC on which they claim to give 25% interest daily. The interest rates they are providing are very high and impossible to sustain for any commercial entity. People work to earn profit and there is no easy way to earn good money easily as the site claims.

Rainhash also claim that they do cloud mining and does not need any kind of hardware or software mining and also no electricity cost to pay. Because of no logistic cost they save money and do mining on cloud of other mining providing company through this they give high interest rates to their investors. This seems to be right but the catch is that ‘cloud mining is provided as a service and it generally required some cost for its working due to this it result in lower returns for miner’. The claims of saving, earning money and help investors to watch their money grow is false. In recent past many cloud mining scams has been observed all over the globe.

The company has a 2 level referral program through which people can earn money easily on their site without investment. On referral level one, they gave 5% commission and on level, two they provide 1% of commission. This high percent of referral commission is not a sustainable business model for any company. This must be understood here that this business model is soon going to collapse and as it has been seen previously also.

Rainhash say explicitly that they are the private company registered in Panama as “Rainhash Cloud Mining Technology Limited”. Panama country is known for off shore shell companies, which means that all over the world people use this country for their tax evasion. Rainhash provided a certificate which shows that Rainhash limited company is registered in UK under the company name: PAYVIC Ltd and Company number: 10993318.  But they explicitly claim on their site that they are registered in Panama. This contradicting claim on their site lower their credibility as a company in which people can invest their hard earned money. For the matter of fact, to get the company number or registering in UK, anyone can do by just paying 20 GBP.

Rainhash site did not have provided any owner identity or information. Even they had not given any information of their experts who will help the investors to grow their money on hourly basis.


We do not recommend this site because of their contradicting claims and non viable business model. To make sure that your money did not get involved in any scam which ultimately led to lose you money, investors should avoid lucrative schemes of such ponzi sites. The best way is that you should bluntly avoid such sites. Even for the risk takers in finance market, this is not a viable platform to take risk.

If you are seeking for the company through which you can earn money online in more legit and safe way then we recommend the Wealth Affiliate site to you. Wealthy Affiliate has many training programs where anyone can learn skill to become expert in online work. We have detail review of Wealthy Affiliate available on our site. You can visit the page using link below: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any more questions about Rainhash, then please feel free to ask by dropping your comment below. We will be pleased to help you.