Is Raoseki a Scam? An e-commerce site with a hidden agenda!!

Is Raoseki a Scam? An e-commerce site with a hidden agenda!!

Are you aware about Raoseki site? Since you are on this page it means you are aware about it or want to know about it.

We welcome you, on our Review. We come to know about this site on social media and then we look into this site. We do not find any good news about it.

Scam sites are working so hard that it takes time to figure out, scam ones out of legit ones. But with our experience and observation, we have come to the conclusion.

Without taking your time, we want to say that Raoseki is a Scam site. Do not waste your time on this site as it is not good. We do not recommend it. If you want to know about other scam sites then you can see our Avoid Scam list, here:

The reason behind declaring it a scam site directly is that there is no use to make a base first and then declare it a scam site. This site is not going to counter our opinion as they are not going to be last long on the internet.

They will soon shut out themselves by their own after some time.

But we like to place some points in front of you.

Is Raoseki a Scam An e-commerce site with a hidden agenda!!

A website without Owner or founder

It is not possible for any site to survive without any owner or founder. Before making any transaction you should know about the person behind it. As we know the owner of Amazon and other genuine sites.

It means there is no transparency on Raoseki site. Transparency becomes important because you are going to shop with your own hard earned money. And you know it is not easy to earn money.

Discount Trap

Raoseki is dealing with different types of wrist watches. But they are not doing any real business. They are just fooling others. They are providing a heavy discount on every item available on their site.

You will never get a heavy discount on every product available on the internet.

Poor Quality Product or No Delivery

Being a scam site they never deliver some of their product. But they do deliver the product sometime. The only difference between being delivered and not delivered is that in delivery you will receive a very poor quality of the product.

The product you will receive is of so bad quality that its worth cannot even match one-tenth of what you have paid.

Unwanted Charges

People shop and place their order, during this process they provide vital information. One is their personal information and second is their financial information.

They use people personal information to sell to some third part and earn very handsomely.

They use people financial information like credit card detail to charge them after 3-4 months which is nothing but like a theft.

Never provide you vital information to any site until you know they are going to make sure your data is not used without your permission.

Conclusion is a Scam site and does not indulge in it. We do not recommend it for obvious reasons. Be wise and beware of such sites. Also, help other people to know about them by spreading the news.

This way you help others to not get scam.

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If you have any doubt regarding the anything of, please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.