What is Foglefo.com? Foglefo Review

What is Foglefo.com? Foglefo Review

Are you searching the web regarding Foglefo.com? You have arrived at the right page. Online earning is simple isn’t it? Many companies like Myfixearing making it easier. They have very exciting offers and simple task to do and you get $10 for it. This is amazing to get $10 for doing almost nothing. Some question may arise in your mind like, is Foglefo Scam? Or is Foglefo Legit? Or is Foglefo Real? Or is Foglefo Fake?  In this Foglefo Review we are going to give the answer of all questions. If you do not want to read the full article then this site is purely a scam site. On our website one can find the scam site list, in which some sites like Youthjobz, Formoneyonly, Thepayz, and JobZipo (already declared scam sites) have the same theme and offers. The best thing about the similar sites is that they did not even change the numbers or statistics on their sites. It indicates that such sites may be operated by same group of people.

Online income is not always scam. Many sites are working genuinely. We have also made a list of some good sites. You can see the list by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

On our website in the list of good sites, Wealthy Affiliate Company has acquired our top ranking. It is working online from 2005 and they are still working very gracefully to help people. Many people have earned money from them. We have made a detail review of Wealthy Affiliate Company which you can visit by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

What is Foglefo.com Foglefo Review Foglefo

How does Foglefo works and why we declare it a scam site?

Online earning is already been a trending passion for many people. Sites like Foglefo are taking the advantages of this trending passion. They are helping people to earn money as simple as by just signing up. Yes, you read it right. Foglefo offer users $5, as a sign up bonus. User can easily see that their account which is created on their own website is credited with $5. Foglefo website purely works on referral links. They have very attractive offers. They are paying $5 for per referral link visit and earn per referral $10. They also credit your money on your account.

A time comes when users request for withdraw of their money earned on their website. Before withdrawing money from Foglefo website, user must have a minimum payout amount in their account. The minimum payout limit of Foglefo is $300. This means that users cannot make a request to withdraw of money, until they have $300 in their account. Many people work hard and earned more than or equal to $300. After it, if user request for withdrawing the money. The company says that their request is in progress and it will take one month time. If they need to withdraw soon, then they have to pay for up-gradation of the process or complete some paid survey for them. Even if user completes the task they did not pay to him/her. Why they do not pay? The do not pay because they are not working to pay others. They just want to earn revenue for them only.

The website did not disclose the information of the owner. The owner information is also not provided in the WHOIs records. It simply means that they intentionally hiding from people. They are offering referral job to pay others, so they bear some responsibility. They never pay to anybody. They also do non legit work very boldly because nobody can catch them. They leave no trails.

They also ask user to give their personal information. Information is the new currency of the world and they are going to earn from it.  How they going to earn money?  Since the information they collect will accumulate into a big data which they sell to third party. They very cleverly asked for financial details. They asked information so they can pay you. But beware of such request because ‘it is trap’. Giving financial details to unscrupulous people make user more vulnerable to hackers. They will send phishing emails and may get any kind of malware like ransomeware. Do not give your financial details to anybody.


Foglefo is purely a scam site. Do not fall into their trap. Keep maintain a distance from such fake sites. They never pay to anybody. Complaints regarding non-payment can be easily available in many forums. We all desire to earn money but friends it is not easy. We all have to do hard work. We must use our wisdom that nobody will pay us, for doing absurd task. Be smart and wiser.

Earning money online can be done by working on legit sites. Wealthy Affiliate Company is one of the legit sites working in this field. It has already helped many people around the world to earn money online. It is working from 2005 and still paying to its users. It also offers many training programs. You can visit the page to know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit


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