What is Kukowear.com? Kukowear Review

What is Kukowear.com? Kukowear Review

If you are excited to know more about the Kukowear.com, then you are reading the right page to get the answer of all questions arising in your mind. Scam sites are working on the internet from the beginning of the internet. They offer people to earn money by doing very easy task. By this they create a trap for people who fall in to their trap and then regret. Now some questions naturally arise in your mind, Is Kukowear Scam? Or is Kukowear Legit? Or is Kukowear Fake? Or Is Kukowear Real? In a nut shell, yes this is purely a scam site and you should avoid it as soon as possible.

We have created list of good sites which are working online in genuine way. You can visit the page by clicking the link given: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities.

We have given the Wealthy Affiliate Company the top rank due to its sheer strong history of providing various training programs to help the people earn money online. https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit.

What is Kukowear.com? Kukowear Review Kukowear Scam


How Kukowear works.com and reason for declaring it a scam?

Trust is build through transparency. This site did not provide any information of the owner or who runs this profitable company which provide good money to people for doing some simple task. When money is involved we need more assurance about the company. They are intentionally hiding their identity from the public view because of simple reason that they are going to cheat the people and run away without any identity left so that nobody catch them.

When you login or register yourself on their website then your account immediately show that you have earned a $25 immediately. They say to give $10 for every referral made by you. They claim to ‘earn $50-$100 USD daily’ from them. They have referral link programme. What they do is that, they provide every user with a unique referral link and asked them to publish this link on many platforms as they can. They use people time and resources to generate or increase the huge traffic at their site. This way they get the personal information of many people and then they sell it to third party. Profitable offers attract people attention towards their site and then people become blind and follow everything they asked to do due to greedy nature of human being.

A time comes when you want to withdraw your money but they do not allow you because before withdrawing you have to fulfill one condition i.e. minimum payout of $300 in your account. Once you have the minimum payout balance company told you that your request of withdrawing money is in process and it will take one month to complete the process. After it they will give offer that you can pay to speed up your request or you have to complete some paid surveys for them. In the last you did not receive any money. Scam site use people time and resources to create easy money for them.

Scam site asked you to provide your financial information to them so that they can transfer money into user account. This way they get your financial detail and make you more vulnerable to hackers attack. These are the some common features used by scam sites.


If you do not want to lose your money to scam site, we advise you to avoid such sites in the beginning. Kukowear is the 100% scam site which make you vulnerable to hackers. They are not going to give any penny to anybody. They are just making money for them only.

There are many genuine sites one can find on the internet. They help people genuine to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate Company is working in this field since 2005 and still continuing. We have created a detail review of Wealth Affiliate Company you can visit the page by clicking the giving link: onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit .

If you have any queries about Kukowear then you can ask by dropping the comment in the drop box. We will be pleased to help you.