Referers Earn Bitcoin Review – Is Referers Earn Bitcoin Scam or Legit?

Referers Earn Bitcoin Review – Is It Scam?

Are you looking to find out whether Referers Earn Bitcoin is Scam or not? Then You are at right page. In Our Referers Earn Bitcoin review , We will discuss about background of Referers Earn Bitcoin, pros and cons of Referers Earn Bitcoin and how you can earn money in Referers Earn Bitcoin.

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Now Lets begin with our review

Background of Referers Earn Bitcoin

There is no information provided in Referers Earn Bitcoin website as who owns or runs the website. However, Referers Earn Bitcoin domain was registered as on January 12, 2017 and the owner of this domain is Robert Mcatamney from Queensland, Australia.

Robert Mcatamney was the admin of ‘One Tine Infinity’ ponzi scheme in 2015.Sicnce 2015, he launched many other comapnies including Cash Money Bucket, 3to600, VIP Promoters Club, Simple Simon’s System and 3 Phases Biz.

He launched 3 phases Biz in November 2016 which promises to earn a $3000 ROI on an $8.50 investment. Sites which promises this type of ROI doesn’t last long So this can be the reason Mcatamney launched Referers Earn Bitcoin very soon for a new scam.

How to earn money in Referers Earn Bitcoin

Referers Earn Bitcoin does not have any product or services for sale to customers. In order to earn money in Referers Earn Bitcoin, You have to recruit new members to the scheme. When your referral purchase membership then you will earn money from it.

Referers Earn Bitcoin has a five tired 3×1 matrix cycler. It strats by placing you as a affiliate in the of the structure and that affiliate has 3 positions under them to fill. These positions are filled by new and existinf affiliate purchase positions. When these positions are filled affiliate earn commission and then cycle goes to second level of matrix
Membership fees to join Referers Earn Bitcoin is 0.005BTC. You also required to purchase a minimum of 0.001BTC to take part in the income opportunity in Referers Earn Bitcoin.


This site does not have any retail product, how they will backup their affiliate membership. Once the recruitment will down, company will also go to down. More than that, Owner is not providing any information in their actual website, Why he has not given any information in website? it seems his intention is not good So we do not recommend this site to you. We actually recommend only one site which is top in the online word and that is paying since 2015. That site name is wealthy Affiliate, Wealthy affiliate help you to create your full time income online and more than that it is free to join.You can read our detailed review about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link

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