Respondent.io Review: Can study bring money?

Primarily we honor all of our readers for taking an initiative towards their well being. As there are various identical websites which claim to provide extra cash to their users. Therefore it is always good to be cautious before any misfortune takes place. As such the valuable comments of the previous users also help the potential viewers and visitors to the website.

Recently we came across a website namely Respondent.io which promises their members to pay $140 an hour basis.  As we have investigated plenty of the sites and here comes one more on your way. Your research has found its way.

In this article we will reveal all the prospects about Respondent.io. Now the question arises whether Respondent.io is scam or just another scam which tries to trap people?

Studies bring money: Respondent.io Review.

What is Respondent.io?

Respondent.io is website which hires personages with great perfection who can take part in the marketing investigation studies.

For you being the member who will be designated as a Respondent will be welcome to participate in the internal activities, face to face interviews, etc.

The various partnered companies are very much intended to pay pretty good for your opinions and views on various products and services provided by respective companies.

Unlike many survey sites you will not be paid in cents after you invest your valuable time in the surveys. The Respondent.io claims to pay a great deal for your service. It states that not being like some orthodox survey sites like Prizerebel, Swagbucks, etc the company pays much better.

The company tends to pay much better due to the reason of hiring high quality of respondents which go through one to one detailed interview. This screening leads to more discussion and exchange of perceptions and opinions. Even some companies are perfectly ready to allow $300 to their respondents in exchange for some valuable comments. But as we know such quality marketing research studies require certain requirements to be fulfilled. Hence you will also be needed to fill the demographic.

How Respondent.io does tend to work?

Fortunately the website Respondent.io is available on a global basis. People residing anywhere around the world can use the website to earn extra cash. Therefore it may be possible that in some countries you may not find abundant of surveys available in your hand.

On a mandatory basis you must be 18 years of age to become a part of Respondent.io and must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments.

You can register in Respondent.io by either using Linkedin account or your Facebook account. But if you want to turn your account into a professional one then it is compulsory to connect Linkedin account with it.

Thereafter you will be asked to fill some of your information including age, date of birth, contact number, education, employment status, social life, etc.

You will also be need to get your filled number verified which will be required to receive surveys invitations and booking mnemonic. Therefore linking your social media sites will enhance your occasions of receiving more invitees.

Therefore after all the formalities are been filled up Respondent.io will match the surveys with your demographic profile. Once these surveys match your details you will receive an invitation for marketing research study to provide your opinion. Also you can check the dashboard to pick surveys which best suits your requirements.

Qualification tricks:

In order to get certified you should initially start acknowledging multiple choice questions. There will be times when the investigator will make you a phone call to get ensure about your qualification. Therefore such a conversation is not much motivated. Usually majority of the surveys fetch 2-5 minutes of your time.

After the test gets over your responses will be graded with a marked percentage. This qualification ratio will be used to measure till what limit your suit for the surveys. Many of the people are selected for the surveys that are already in that field or use the certain product.

Some of the illustrations are:

  • Discovering London based Car and Home Insurance customers.
  • Exploring London based Tesla owners.
  • There are online setup test for IT and technology executives.
  • Discovering software inventing professionals.

The catch which should always be remembered is that it doesn’t matter whether you get 100% qualification percentage you even might not be selected as the ideal person for the survey.

As through my observation I could find plenty of opportunities concerned with IT subjects.

Variety of studies:

Respondent.io lays two major streams of studies:

  • Remote Studies :

This section gets you all those studies or surveys which can be completed in the comfort level of your surrounding either it comes to your home, café or some other place of your society. Such surveys don’t demand any of your money or time which is to be invested.

Usually this section involves those studies which require face to face interview that are done over the webcam or a phone call. Usually many remote survey sites take nearby 20-70 minutes of your time to complete the study.

While you can also search some of the surveys which requires speaking skills with aptitude as you have to record your survey. Such surveys are also called usability testing. Some of them are TryMyUI, Validately, etc.

  • In-Person Studies :

This study can concentrate on umbilicus groups or face to face interview with the investigator.

Basically in the focus group you will be having a meet with batch of people where you can exchange your views about a specific topic or on general basis about a particular item or service.

While if we talk about one to one interviews that it’s a deep conversation between the researcher and the respondent.

Majority of the in-person studies takes nearby 50-60 minutes and furnish their respondent with approximately $100.

Inviting friends:

Fortunately the company Respondent.io provides referral program. The program is of two types:

  • Referral Link:

This section allows you to share your referral link while using affiliate link. The company gives you $20 when your referral earns $75 after he/she log in.

  • Project Referrals:

Each and every project you seek has a separate referral link which can be shared with you near and dear ones.

If your referral joins the specific study using your link then you will receive $50. But one thing we should be remembered is that the Respondent.io pays you $50 only when that specific study signifies an incentive of at least $100.

The catch here is that no matter how many people join the study via your link you will receive $50 once a study.


  • The company does not signify the minimum pay out limit.
  • The website is available on a global basis.
  • The company furnishes the residents of UK, USA, and Canada with lots of available surveys.
  • The company pays their members via PayPal which is the most reliable source of payment.
  • The company provides $50 as referral commission.


  • The company restricts their members to select more than three studies within 24 hours of period.
  • The company charges 5% as fulfillment fee.
  • It’s pretty difficult to be selected for a study.


As for the moment I can congratulate Respondent.io to become the most amazing platform for the people with a desire of earning money online. The company is absolutely legit with great performance.

The only problem users are facing is that some of them are earning pretty well but there are even users who are not getting a single penny. As it’s quite hard to be certifies for a study. Therefore what so happens the company is doing excellent.

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If you have any doubts and queries then please feel free to contact us by dropping comment in the section below. Experience holders are most welcome to share their opinions and views.


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