What is Restoreclix.com? Is Restoreclix Scam?

What is Restoreclix.com? Is Restoreclix Scam?

If you are looking for Restoreclix reviews to find out answers of question like What is Restoreclix, Whether Restoreclix Scam or Legit and Whether Restoreclix Real or fake, then you came into the right page. In this Restoreclix review, We will discuss about Restoreclix owner details, Restoreclix adpack plans, Restoreclix complaints and may other important topic about Restoreclix. But before you go ahead and read our full review we want to tell you that we do not recommend Restoreclix because the business model of Restoreclix is totally unsustainable, they can not give that much profit to their members which are claiming to pay on their investment. Restoreclix is a ponzi scheme  in which they will pay to existing members from the money invested by new members. And more than that, they are giving huge sign up offers which also seems that Restoreclix will be turned into scam very soon. So we do not recommend you to work in this site.

We only recommend the companies which are establish from many years and from where member can earn good income. If you want to know that which is our No.1 Recommended Company, then  our No.1 recommended company is Wealthy Affiliate. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

Now let’s start our Restoreclix review, So you will know why this site will turned into scam very soon.

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What is Restoreclix? And why we do not recommend it?

Restoreclix is a revenue sharing site in which you can earn money by purchasing revenue share ad packs. The cost of ad pack is $5 and when you purchase one ad pack, they will give you 130% back with in 10 days. It means you will get $6.5 on your $5 investment. In Restoreclix, Whenever someone purchase ad packs, on each ad pack purchase he will get $1.5 pure profit. So now the question is, to generate that profit within 10 days they have enough income sources or not? if you are aware of revenue sharing sites, then you already know that none of good revenue sharing site give the certain days to back the profit to their members. But in the case of Restoreclix they are giving you 13% daily on your ad pack purchase. More than that, they also do not have additional income sources from which they can generate that much amount of profit to pay back their members.

Not 13 % daily profit, They are also giving $25 for the new members in their pre-launch phase. They also offer $1, If you refer 4 person into their site. So providing high return on investmenet and giving attractive offer on their site, they are trying to gain more people into the system. So it is clear it is a ponzi scheme in which they will pay to existing members from the money invested by new members. Once the recruitment will dry up, scheme will be collapse and they will shut down their site.

The other drawback of Restoreclix is that they have not given any information about owner on their actual website. More than that, They are also trying to hide owner identity by registering the site privately. Whenever a site owner does not come upfront of their members, then there is always a risk to work on that site. In the past, Many sites which used this technique turned into scams within months.


Restoreclix business model is totally unsustainable which will be collapse very early. So we recommend you to stay away from this site. If you are looking for good and real sites, Then you can find list of those sites by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

The top site which you find on that list is Wealthy Affiliate. Actually, We only recommend Wealthy Affiliate because with the help of Wealthy Affiliate you can earn full-time income online. Wealthy Affiliate is  a training platform which is online since 2005. If you are a job worker and want to quit your job and want to earn for you all life, Then wealthy Affiliate is a perfect place for you. If you want to learn more about  this company then You can read our detail review on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you want to ask any question about Restoreclix or any other site. You can freely ask by dropping your comment below. We are happy to help you.