Reviews –,, are Scam sites

Reviews –,, are Scam sites

You might be searching to earn money online and your search led to you the,, website. There must be some queries in your mind regarding,, website. In this,, review, we will solve your and other people queries like, Are,, Scam? Or Are,, Legit? Or is,, Real? Or is,, Fake? There are numerous ways to earn money on the internet. One of the ways is by viewing the advertisement. There are many websites offers a platform to view the ads and earn money. The problem with such websites is that they are not genuine. It is not the wise ways to earn money on such website. But still, there are many websites working on this pattern of PTC. We do not recommend you to work on such websites. If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can provide you the brief of this article. The brief and shortcut review of,, is that “,, are a scam website”. It is because these company is not paying to its members. They never had. All the data and statistics shown on the company homepage are bogus. The information available on these website is not real. Therefore, these are not good websites on which someone spends their precious time.

If you are searching for the websites that are legit and also pay to its members regularly, we present you our list of Legitimate Websites. The websites can be accessed by clicking the link given:

In our list, we have given the top rank to the Wealthy Affiliate Company. It is because they are working from 2005. It simply means that company has a good experience in their field of work. To get more information about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, click the link:


What is Is Temoney Scam or Legit Is Temoney Real or Fake Temoney Review, Temoney


How do,, work?

As we have mentioned that the,, are scam website. Lets we talk about how they are working and why we are declaring these websites as scam website.

The working of,, website is very simple. They are going to pay you for the advertisement you view on their website. After registration, you will be able to see the list of advertisement in your account. The company will pay you the 10 cents for every advertisement you watch. The 10 cents is might look you a very meager amount. In reality, it is very high. Actually, the company is working all over the world because they are operating on the internet. It means if million people around the world work on their website. They are going to pay $10000 for viewing a one ad simply. It is not possible for any legitimate business. It simply points out that,, are not a legit website. This proves that their claims are bogus and fake.

The company has a referral program. The referral programs are work in many marketing strategies. The company pays commission to its members for making the referrals. In many companies making referrals pay you a good amount. But in,, will not. It is simply because they do not have a proper plan to pay its members the high commission they are offering. They do not have any real product or service to sell. This makes the company non-reliable and working in an illegal scheme.

The company does not share any information about people operating this website. It is not possible that a company can work without people. The owner information is the most important. It built trust. We should know to whom we are trusting. You are going to invest your time and money on this website, which is way more worth than 10cents or any percent of referral commission. The company also guarded their information in WHOIS records. It shows that company is intentionally hiding their information with the members. Guarding information in records is the characteristic of the scam websites.

The company asks people to share their information with them. The information can be personal or financial. They want to use your information to earn revenue for them. The company sells the information to the third party. Does it feel weird that company on one hand does not provide any information about them but ask the members to provide their information? It is very contradicting.


The,, are scam websites. It is not good. We advise you to avoid this website. You should also share this information with people around you, so that they will not fall into the trap of such scam websites. There are no easy ways available to earn money. We know that it is heartbreaking to know such,, are scam website. It is because they are offering good money. But on the other hand, you should also understand that this company is not unique. There are many websites working on the internet that took the advantage of people innocence and ignorance.

To know about the website that is legitimate as well as helps people to earn money online. We recommend you the Wealthy Affiliate Company. This company has great training programs and services to offer. There are much to know about this website. To get the full review of the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link provided:

If you got any kind of doubt regarding the,, website, please feel free to share it with us by commenting in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.