What is RichgoPTR? Is richgoptr.com Scam?

What is RichgoPTR? Is richgoptr.com scam?

If you are looking for RichgoPTR review in order to find out What is RichgoPTR? Whether RichgoPTR scam or legit and whether  RichgoPTR real or fake then you came into the right page. In our RichgoPTR review, You will get information like RichgoPTR background, RichgoPTR complaints, RichgoPTR Payments proof and more.

Instead of reading our full RichgoPTR review, If you want to answer in short then we do not recommend this site because it is completely fake and scam website which doesn’t pay to anyone. Genuineptr, Fmptr, Royalptr are the other sites which are similar to RichgoPTR. If you are looking for the sites which are trusted and really paying, then you can find those sites by clicking tthe below link

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RichgoPTR is a site which provides attractive offers to lure people into their system. RichgoPTR  claims to give $500  when you join the site, $150 for each email you read and $100 for each ad you view. All the claims by RichgoPTR are completely fake. No company pay that much amount of money for these simple tasks. Sites like RichgoPTR generates revenue from selling advertisements. In a legit PTR, advertisers can purchases 1000 ad credits only in $1, But in RichgoPTR they need to pay more than  $150000 for same ad credits. Will any advertiser pay this amount of money for only  promoting their referral link, product, blog e.t.c.? Obviously, Not. Actually there is no advertiser in RichgoPTR. They only shows the ads of sites which are similar to RichgoPTR, which also indicates all the sites are from the same group.

Now question comes, How these sites make money? And  the answer is simple, When you work on sites like RichgoPTR, They will only show you that your account balance is increasing and when you reached to minim um payout limit which is $10000 in RichgoPTR and request for payout, They will not pay you. If you send them email regarding pending payment, then they will say  you to upgrade account. even if you upgrade the account, they will not pay you. This is the main phase where they make money. More than that, They also make money by selling your email id and personal information to third party which you provided on joining their site. The payment proofs on RichgoPTR site are completely fake. There are many complaints around the internet from RichgoPTR members about not getting paid.


RichgoPTR is a completely fake company. Earning $100 for reading one email and $50 for viewing one ad is impossible. So stay away from  RichgoPTR and the sites which are similar to RichgoPTR . We also added this site into our “Avoid Scams” Section.

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If you have any questions about RichgoPTR or want to ask about any other online scams, then please drop your comments below. We are happy to help you.