Rodan & Fields Reviews – Does This Product Really Works?

Hello friends, we believe that you want to learn more about Rodanandfields and we are here with all that you want to know about it. Before using the product or going directly to become the product agent it is good to know about it first. For this effort, we want to congratulate you. We know there might some question in your mind regarding this site like, is Rodanandfields Scam? Or is Rodanandfields Legit? There are essential questions to know and understand the working of the company to get the idea to take the decision whether to work on this or not.

If you are not interested to read the whole idea then we can help you with that. Rodan and fields is not a scam site. We can say that with full conviction. Still, we do Not Recommend this site as the business opportunity they are providing is not conducive for the newbies. It can be beneficial for the people with some experience.

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What is Is Rodanandfields Scam or Legit Is Rodanandfields Real or Fake Rodanandfields Review, Rodanandfields

What is Rodanandfields?

Rodan and fields were founded in 2002. Its founders were Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. This company is specialized in the skin care MLM niche. This is another network marketing company which provide an opportunity to the people that they can earn money in two ways. First, by selling their product and second, by making new recruits. This is the way in which MLM Companies also work. To know more about the MLM Companies click the link given:

As compared to other competitors this site is still in its early stages of being a networking company.

Rodan and Fields- Products

This company has placed their product under categories that focus on targeting and treatment. Since the company knows their game, they are focusing on their core competency only. Therefore you might see the varied product with skin care product. Actually, you will found different products on different stages, which is quite good about this site.

  1. The first stage, the daily cleansing mark.
  2. The second stage, the Pore Toner
  3. The third stage, overnight restorative cream, and Triple Defense Treatment SPF Cream.

The cost of all these products is $280. Before you get into this company or buy a product or join as an agent, we want you to understand it thoroughly, so that you know where you are heading towards.

  1. The company wants you to use their product on a long-term basis. It means you have to buy more and more products.
  2. Water and Glycol are the two main ingredients in Rodanandfields product, which you found in other cheap products.
  3. As their website, some products might not be suitable for some allergic people. (This is the good gesture of telling truth).
  4. Rodan and fields products are not approved by the FDA. But they have done their marketing as per FDA norms.

Rodan and fields Compensation Plan

When you become a consultant with R+F then you become an independent contractor. By selling the product to the retail customer you can earn a commission. Their compensation plans are not of much of discussion because you can find a video explanation on their site. In our opinion, their plan is fair and rewarded.

The Problem

The problem is not about the compensation plan or company product. Actually, almost 95% of consultant get failed in their pursuit to earn a good income on this site. What happens especially with people that are new to online marketing or MLM strategy, they start immediately selling the product without much knowledge of the market and people to whom they are selling their product. Every newbie starts selling their product to their family members and people that they know. This way their list get saturated and their earning get stop.

Now, they are not earning much they lose their motivation to work further. The same thing happens with the people working below to him.


Rodanandfields is not a scam site. It is a legit one. If you want to work on this site then you are can but we do Not Recommend it. Was it seems earning money is not a cake walk? People with an experience in marketing or that know the working of MLM and how to sell the product, for them it is an opportunity. For newbies, it is not a journey or it might end with a lesson for them. So to work on this site or not is your decision. But if you really want to earn online in marketing business then you must read about our no. 1 recommendation.

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If you have any doubt regarding the Rodanandfields then please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.

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